A very red Mario-themed Nintendo Switch OLED is on the way

Nintendo is launching a Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Mario Red Edition in October. The news capped off the company’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct today, which shared new details on the upcoming platformer.

An image of the Nintendo Switch - OLED Model Mario Red Edition.

This new themed version of the latest Nintendo Switch iteration is completely red across the system and Joy-Cons. On the back of it, players can find a silhouette of Mario and hidden coins. It’s not as detailed as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s OLED model, but it does look very sleek. This Mario Red Edition system will come out on October 6, two weeks ahead of Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s release.

Although the Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Mario Red Edition was the big reveal of the Direct, the rest of the showcase went into a lot of detail about the 2D platformer. We learned that the adventure is set in the new Flower Kingdom, which is split into seven areas. As usual, players will fight Bowser, who merged with the castle of Flower Kingdom Prince Florian. In addition to the characters already revealed for the game, we also learned that Nabbit and Yoshis are playable, and they don’t take damage from enemies.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct 8.31.2023

There are three new power-ups: the block-destroying and water-storing Elephant, the enemy-capturing Bubble, and the burrowing Drill. Players will also encounter Wonder Flowers, which activate a “Wonder Effect” when picked up thatmakes the level weird. A badge system will give players even more abilities, like a grappling vine or item sensor. We also got an in-depth look at online play, which lets players see each other’s ghosts in levels, leave standees to help each other, and even race through levels.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on October 20.

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