All companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 and how to get them

The story in Baldur’s Gate 3 is shared equally between your own created character and your party of companions. Each one you choose to team up with has their own personalities, backstories, and goals that you can choose to help them accomplish during your travels through the Forgotten Realms. While you can only have three accompany you at any one time, there are far more that you can recruit and swap in and out to best suit the challenges ahead, or just to get a new perspective on events. Essentially, all companions are missable, even the early ones you’re all but forced to interact with, but there are others that are harder to get, and some you have to choose between. Here’s a full list of every potential companion in Baldur’s Gate 3 and what you need to do to add them to your party.

All companions

There are 10 potential companions to recruit in Baldur’s Gate 3, each of a different race, class, and background. Some you meet early, some late, and others not at all depending on your choices.


Shadowheart talking about a test in Baldur's Gate 3.
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The Cleric of the group, this is your first potential companion. As long as you choose to save her from her pod-thing on the Nautiloid ship in the opening of the game, you will find her on the beach you crash-land on. If you decided not to save her on the ship, you can still add her to your team by finding her farther east down the beach near the Dank Crypt.


Astrion holds his chin in Baldur's Gate 3.
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Depending on your path, this is probably the second character you can add to your ranks by going north and west of the crashed ship. You’ll hear Astarion calling out for help, and when you approach, he’ll claim there’s a nearby monster he wants you to kill. While this ends up being a trick, if you forgive him, he will gladly join you. Astarion is a rogue class, so he’s very handy for breaking into locked areas.


Gale talks to the player in Baldur's Gate 3.
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Almost right after you find Astarion, Gale will be another voice calling out for aid. This wizard has found himself caught in a portal and needs some help getting all the way through. Help the man out and he’ll be ready and willing to join your party, plus he’ll introduce you to Waypoints you can use for fast travel.


Laezel in Baldur's Gate 3
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It takes a minute to meet back up with Lae’zel after she helps you bring down the Nautiloid ship, and when you do, she’s in a sticky situation. North of where you encounter Gale, Lae’zel has found herself captured by two Tieflings you need to convince or fight to free her. If you feel bad about fighting them, make sure to take them out non-lethally.


Wyll with horns dancing.
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Wyll is very missable since he is simply among the many people in the Druid’s Grove in the north. After you fight the small Goblin forces and can go inside, Wyll can be found teaching some Tiefling children to fight. Chat with the man, who happens to be a powerful Warlock class, and he’ll team up with you.


A player conversation in Baldur's Gate 3.
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Wyll can actually help you locate Karlach, who happens to be near the river south of the Risen Road waypoint and east of the tollhouse. Just know that the conversation to recruit Karlach is a bit more tense with Wyll present, but it’s possible. Still, to make it a bit smoother to bring on this tough Barbarian, it’s best to leave Wyll at camp.


Halsin looking stoic in Baldur's Gate 3.
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If you saw that romance scene with the bear, and we know you have, then you’ll be looking for Halsin. The Druid is actually recruited by completing a quest to rescue him from the Goblin Camp where he’s being held. Find him in a cage by the Worg Pens, set him free, and then kill the remaining Goblin Leaders. Once that’s done, meet up with him back at the Druid Grove and he’ll join the team.


Minthara saying there's something wrong with the player.
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Minthara can be a party member, but choosing her means you can’t recruit Halsin, and Wyll will also leave your party for what you need to do to get her. If you’re interested in the Drow Paladin, go into the Shattered Sanctum before attacking the Goblin Camp and speak to her. Here, you will need to sell out the Druids to her and help her attack and destroy their base. Once the Goblins win, speak to her at the celebration to have her join your team.


Minsc exclaiming there's no gold in the mimic.
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Minsc is one of the later party members you can get once you reach the Lower City. You will need to go down and navigate through the puzzles of the sewers until you encounter him. When you do, you will be forced to fight him, so make sure you only knock him out with a non-lethal attack if you want to recruit him. Once he’s safely unconscious, take out his friends and choose the following dialogue prompts.

  • “Try to protect him. I must defy my urge.”
  • “He’s Jaheira’s friend. Do it.”
  • “I don’t think you want to find out,” or “It doesn’t matter — help him.”

After Minsc’s mind is freed and he runs off, chase him down and chat with him to join forces.


Jaheira in Baldur's Gate 3.
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Even though you meet Jaheira early in Act 2, it takes a lot of legwork to actually have her become a companion. You first speak in the Last Light Inn, but need to progress until you’re ready to attack the Moonrise Towers. She will meet you near the towers and give you the option to either have her lead the army as commander or have her temporarily join your party, which you should pick. Go through the dungeon and make sure she survives until you’re about to go into the pits to face Kethric. Before you do, talk to Jaheira and say, “Face Kethric with me.” This will make her a permanent companion after finishing the dungeon.

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