Amazon discounted these LG laptops, monitors for Prime Day

God of War running on the LG UltraGear OLED 45.
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While a lot of folks tend to associate LG with some of the best TVs on the market, it also has some of the best gaming monitors and laptops in its catalog as well. We’re also very happy to see that Amazon has slashed prices for both budget-oriented monitors and laptops to the highest-end ones that cost over $1,000. As such, there’s definitely a deal for everybody, and while we’ve picked some of our favorites below, it’s well worth checking out all the Prime Day deals Amazon has.

Starting with laptops and in the mid-budget range, we have the 

going for $700 rather than $1,000 and has an impressive 16-inch WUXGA and an AMD Ryzen7000 processor, a mid-to-high range one that’s more than enough for most uses. Going up a bit in price is the 

with a 16-inch screen, an mid-to-high end Intel Evo i7 1260P processor, and a whopping 16GB LPDDR5 of RAM and is going for $1,000 rather than $1,700, which is a substantial discount. Finally, if you’d like a convertible, the 16-inch 

is not only lightweight and gorgeous but also runs the mid-to-high-end Intel 13th Gen Core i7, 16GB of DDR5 RAM, and comes with an impressive 512GB of storage. Plus, it’s been discounted down to $1,100 from $1,600.

Moving on to monitors, we have the budget-friendly 

with an IPS panel and AMD FreeSync that’s been discounted down to $90 from $130. Moving up a considerable notch, we have the 

with an impressive 144Hz refresh rate and HDR10, making it great for watching movies and gaming. If you want to game at 4k, though, the 

made it on our list of the best 4K gaming monitors and has been discounted down to $500 from $800. That said, you’re not really taking advantage of 4k until you go with a larger monitor, and the

is an excellent option, especially with the discount bringing it down to $830 from $1,300. Of course, we can’t forget ultra-wide gaming, and for that, we’d recommend the

with a DQHD resolution and a sky-high 240Hz refresh rate, is an excellent choice for 2k gaming and costs as much as the 32-inch 4k monitor, and given how hard it is to run 4k even with the RTX 4090, it might be worth sticking to 2k.

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