Amazon shoppers love iWALK portable charger deal at 30% off

I’m willing to bet that you’re using your phone right now to browse through all of the awesome Prime Day deals that are going on. That also means you’re wearing your battery down, and if it’s not plugged into a charger, you’ll have to do that soon. But if you had a portable charger, you could simply plug your phone into that for a little bit more power and keep browsing to your heart’s content — a portable charger just like the one iWALK is offering in a Prime Day deal today. Normally $35, it’s yours for just $25, saving you $10 or a cool 30%. It works with a variety of smartphones, including the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, as well as to charge Apple Airpods via the case. Head below, and we’ll talk a bit more about what it can do for you — or grab it from Amazon if you know you want it already.

Why you should buy the iWALK portable charger

For starters, with over 25,000 reviews, this portable charger has a collective rating of 4.5 stars — that’s amazing. With a 4,500mAh capacity, you’ll be able to fully charge an iPhone 8 nearly two times (1.5 times) or an iPhone X one time, giving you quite a few extra hours of use and a bit of wiggle room until you can get to an outlet and your normal charger. If you’ve never used a power bank or portable charger like this before, it’s super easy. You just plug it into the Lightning port on your phone, and thanks to pass-through technology, when you are near a traditional charger, you can plug them both right in — the bank will charge at the same time as your phone.

It’s relatively lightweight, so it won’t feel like you’re lugging around a huge brick, and that’s super important when it’s plugged in. Your phone won’t feel much different in your hands even with the iWALK plugged in, giving you added mobility during use. Comparably, it’s about the size of a lipstick case.

It comes in several unique colors and styles, so you can choose your favorite, such as pink, red, blue, and so on. You might even be able to match the phone case you have on your iPhone, depending on what color you’ve chosen.

But the best part of all is that it’s available at an awesome discount thanks to Prime Day, allowing you to save a cool $10. Normally $35, it’s only $25 today and through the Prime Day sale. Hurry, though, that sale only lasts a couple of days, and there’s a good chance these will sell out before then.

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