Apple Watch Series 8 price slashed as Series 9 is announced

A person wearing the Apple Watch Series 8.
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Apple Watch deals are looking pretty exciting at the moment thanks to the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 9 leading to some deep price cuts for the Apple Watch Series 8. Usually priced at $399, you can buy the Apple Watch Series 8 from Amazon for $310 so you save a massive $89 or 22% off the usual price. It’s a great price for an Apple Watch that’s still worth your money. If you’re uncertain, keep reading while we take you through what the differences are between this model and the newer version.

Why you should buy the Apple Watch Series 8

When it launched, the Apple Watch Series 8 was described as the “best Apple Watch gets better” and easily made our best smartwatches list. It certainly looks great with its 41mm always-on Retina display being clear to see and always sharp too. It’s crack-resistant, IP6X-certified dust resistant and it’s swim-proof too with WR50 water resistance.

In terms of functionality, it’s great too with its particular penchant ensuring it’s awesome for recording all your workouts. You name it, it can track it with advanced metrics for all kinds of things from pace to calories burned. The Apple Activity Rings system is a great way of motivating you to achieve your goals each day too with challenges and badges to be completed and earned. There are also lots of sensors with temperature sensing, a blood oxygen monitor, and an ECG app for checking how you’re doing overall.

So, what does it lack that the Apple Watch Series 9 offers? The Apple Watch Series 9 will be faster with an S9 chipset compared to the Series 8’s S8. Perhaps more useful still is it has the U2 wideband chip built-in so that if you misplace your watch, you can detect it with the same level of precision as found in the Apple AirTag.

More vital is the addition of a double-tap feature so you can control your watch with just one hand. However, is this all worth waiting for the Series 9 and paying extra compared to the Apple Watch Series 8? Only you know if you’d rather the absolute latest in exchange for spending more.

If the Apple Watch Series 8 feels like the one for you, you can buy it now from Amazon for $310 thereby saving $89 off the regular price of $399. That’s a pretty big discount for anyone who doesn’t mind going for slightly older tech. Check it out now before the deal ends very soon.

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