Application for Allotment / Change of Railway Quarters

You can find the new application format for allotment of Railway employee quarters or change the existing quarter for employee allowed as per DAR rules…

Working in the Indian Railway Nilayam is considered a big boon because most of the times you will get a place to live which are the quarters provided by the Railway department.

In the same pretext if you are working in the Secunderabad Railway Nilayam and you want to either change the quarters that you have been allotted or want to a new quarter to be allotted to you then you can fill out this application form.

Through this application you can request the South Central Railway Administration and Management blocker in order to help you to get a new quarter in your preferred choice of place or provide them a reason to change your present quarter to other preferred places.

Download or Print Application for Railway Employee Quarters Allotment / Change

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