Arunachal Pradesh Employee DA Rates on Revised Pay Scale

Arunachal Pradesh state government increased the DA rates for all government employee as per announcement of CG. It is upto 38% in state of their basic pay from the existing 34%. The government issued office memorandum for grant of Dearness allowance from 01.07.2022 to all Arunachal Pradesh government employees.

The DA paid in cash to employees along with their existing pension for pensioners. The Dearness allowance for the pensioner and retired employee increased to 38% form current 34%. The pension entitlement from 1st July 2022 may provide to respective pensioner or pensioner family as cash. The increased DA may seen in employee pay slip details as per the DA rates as below.

Dearness Allowance from Increased DA Total DA
01.07.2022 4 38
01.01.2022 6 34
01.07.2021 11 28
01.01.20 / 01.07.20, 01.01.21 (Freeze period) 17
01.07.2019 5 17
01.01.2019 3 12
01.07.2018 2 9
01.01.2018 2 7
01.07.2017 1 5
01.01.2017 2 4
01.07.2016 2 2
01.01.2016 0 0

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The DA increase rates subject to the Government budget may paid to Arunachal Pradesh employee in different instruments as per Government orders. It is quite clear that state government employees do get maximum relief with the hike in their salaries. This may good sign for employee, since after the pandemic situation.

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