Baldur’s Gate 3: How to beat the Faith-Leap Trial

The Gauntlet of Shar is, well, quite a gauntlet in Baldur’s Gate 3. This dungeon changes things up a bit by giving you three unique trails to challenge you in different ways. The Faith-Leap Trail is perhaps the most puzzling of them all, and may even appear impossible when you first see it. The thing is, you can’t trust your eyes in this trial. There’s just too large of a gap between you and the goal for you to cross unless you do as the name suggests and take a leap of faith. But don’t just put your faith in Shar and hope for the best — instead let us show you the path.

How to beat the Faith-Leap Trial

A altar with a grid of squares in front of it.
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Once you enter this trail after making the blood sacrifice, you will see the Umbral Gem way across a massive death pit. But there actually is a path forward, just an invisible one. The path is the same every time, so as long as you memorize it, you’ll be fine, but you should still make a safety save just in case. You only get three tries before anyone you’re controlling who falls will die.

The path is actually shown to you on the floor in front of the altar at the entrance. Looking at the pattern of squares, you can see a grid showing colored squares where it is safe to walk. The idea is to start one square in from the far right, move forward almost to the altar before turning left to the center, then head forward. Go diagonally up and right once you line up with the edge of the altar platforms until you’re level with the altar in the center, then go diagonally up and left all the way to the finish.

At the end, just grab the Umbral Gem and use the Umbral Transporter to send you back to the entrance so you don’t have to worry about working your way back across.

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