Best Apple Watch SE deals: Get an Apple Watch for just $149

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Some of the best smartwatch deals around focus on the Apple Watch SE. If you’re particularly looking for the best Apple Watch SE deals, you’re in luck. We’ve specifically sought them out and listed them below to help you save faster. Even better, if you’re not sure if you need an Apple Watch SE 1st gen or 2nd gen, we’ve also broken down the differences so you’ll soon know what’s best for you. With lots to take in, let’s get straight to the important part — the deals.

Today’s Apple Watch SE deals

Right now, the best Apple Watch SE deals are on the original Apple Watch SE (1st gen). The watch remains an excellent value way of enjoying all the benefits of a smartwatch without spending a fortune. Here’s what you need to know, before we dive into comparing it to the newer model.

Which Apple Watch SE should you buy?

Previously, both the Apple Watch SE (1st gen) and the Apple Watch SE (2nd gen) have featured among some of the best smartwatches around, so how do you know what to buy?

We’ve previously conducted a deep dive into the differences between the two Apple Watch SEs but there’s always room for a quick overview. Both watches are the same size with the same resolution and even the same display. At first glance, there’s barely any difference other than the Apple Watch SE 2 has a matching back color which looks a little more stylish.

Performance is where the Apple Watch SE (2nd gen) is better. It’s powered by a S8 SiP chipset and Apple claims it’s 20% faster than the previous model. However, it’s unlikely you’ll be doing anything hugely demanding on your Apple Watch so it makes less of a difference than if we were talking about phone performance.

Both watches still offer similar fitness and health-tracking features too. You’ll receive a notification if your heart rate is abnormally high or low while you also receive one for an irregular heart rhythm. Both watches are capable of tracking all your workouts and daily routines, along with sleep tracking too. Worried about futureproofing? While the Apple Watch SE (1st gen) will eventually see it lose updates sooner than the 2nd gen, for now, both run the latest watchOS without a hitch.

If you’re worried about safety, you’ll appreciate that the Apple Watch SE 2 has crash detection which is something the original lacks. For many though, there’s less of a difference than you might expect.

When is the best time to shop Apple Watch SE deals

Tech always has the best discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The events occur straight after Thanksgiving and are traditionally the best shopping holidays for saving big on something like an Apple Watch SE.

Another time of year that proves popular is Prime Day. Starting out as an Amazon-only event, other retailers often host their own sales during the July-based shopping event. Because of that, you’ll often see discounts on highly sought-after items like the Apple Watch SE.

Often discounted, it’s always worth checking Apple Watch SE prices around Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, and other shopping holidays. Even away from holidays, you’ll often see the watch cheaper than you’d expect.

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