Best Prime Day deals: What to expect on Prime Day 2023

Doesn’t Prime Day feel like it comes around sooner every year? Kind of like Christmas but for anyone who’s hunting around for deals, we’re huge fans of Amazon’s Prime Day event. It’s often one of the best times of year to score a great deal on some very highly sought-after products. If you’ve somehow missed all the fuss in recent years, or you simply need a refresher on the event, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve explained exactly what is Prime Day (you’re going to love it), when the event is taking place, and what to expect too. If you’re wondering if other retailers are getting in on the act and everything else you need to know, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also rounded up some early deals you can shop right now below.

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What is Prime Day?

Prime Day is Amazon’s biggest sales event of the year. It also tends to be the biggest sales period outside of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The event started back in 2015 to celebrate Amazon’s 20th birthday. Since then, it’s gone from strength to strength with hundreds of millions of products sold during the event. Originally, it started out as a one-day sales event but it now encompasses two days so there are plenty of opportunities to save big.

Predictably, many Amazon-owned products like Kindles, Echo speakers, Ring doorbells, and more are part of the sales event, but pretty much all major manufacturers get involved with some hefty discounts to enjoy here.

Some products may be discounted for the entire two-day event while others can be reduced for just a matter of hours or until they sell out. That’s why it’s important to keep a keen eye on what goes on sale as part of Prime Day. The fastest finger tends to get the best discount.

When is Prime Day 2023?

Prime Day 2023 is starting on July 11 and will run through July 12, Amazon has announced.

Traditionally, Prime Day has almost always occurred in July due to that being the month of Amazon’s birthday. Past days have included the very first one on July 15, 2015, with subsequent dates around the July 11-17 mark so this one is in square Prime Day territory. The only exception to this rule was during 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted supply chain issues and the world on the whole. Back then, Prime Day occurred October 13 and October 14. Prime Day 2021 was placed at a slightly unusual time too, landing on June 21 and June 22. Besides those two years where things were very different for the world, all other Prime Days have fallen during the second week of July so we’re not surprised to see Prime Day 2023 where it is.

Last year, we also saw the Prime Early Access Sale which ran October 11 and October 12 in the run-up to Black Friday. While it had a very similar name, it wasn’t technically a Prime Day sale even though it did offer similar discounts and deals.

Despite the name, Prime Day is now a two-day event. That’s not including its many early deals that tend to unfold in the weeks leading up to the main event. Usually, the focus of these early deals is on Amazon products and subscription services with discounts on Echo speakers, Audible, Kindle Unlimited, and other Amazon-owned properties.

What to expect on Prime Day 2023

The sweet thing about Amazon being the biggest online retailer out there and having its own dedicated sales event that truly rivals Black Friday is that you can expect pretty much everything.

Prime Day is a huge deal for all manufacturers. At times, it can be even better value than Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The summer is generally a quiet time for sales and people buying a lot of stuff, so Prime Day is there to help entice you into a purchase in the middle of the summer months.

Of course, Amazon-based products will lead the Prime Day 2023 charge. Every year, we see the best prices for Kindles, Echo smart speakers, Fire tablets, Fire TV Sticks, and also items with extensive Alexa integration like Ring doorbells. This will be the ideal time to pick up one of the best Kindles for less. It’s also likely we’ll see deep discounts on TV deals with Amazon’s popular Amazon Fire TV range likely to take a hold here. You might even see a ridiculously low price on one to entice you into the sale but those kind of offers are going to need speedy fingers and a close eye on our deals coverage so you don’t miss out.

Besides Amazon-related products, we’ll definitely see great price cuts on all kinds of things. Previous Prime Days tend to have big discounts on things like the best headphones from Sony and Bose, as well as Apple. Count on seeing the best smartwatches and best tablets discounted too. Prime Day tends to home in on the most highly sought-after technology so iPads, Apple Watches, and Samsung Galaxy Watches are often featured. This year, Amazon is promising that brands like Lancôme, Kérastase, Peloton, Victoria’s Secret, YETI, The Drop, and Sony are all going to feature. There will also be exclusive access to Amazon’s lowest prices so far this year on select products from brands like Bose, Hey Dude, and Theragun.

Big technology-based items won’t be the only type of product you’ll see on sale here though. After all, Amazon seems to sell absolutely everything and that includes many household items. While the focus may be on the big ticket stuff, don’t be surprised if you see discounts on bedding, clothing, and even cleaning products. They may not stand out as much as the latest smartwatch but any discount is worth considering, right?

Effectively, if you’re planning on making any kind of big purchase, it could be a smart idea to hold out and see what Prime Day has to bring to the table. That goes for snapping up an Instant Pot or air fryer too. Popular cooking appliances frequently feature as part of Prime Day 2023.

Look out for what is known as a Lightning deal which runs for a specific length of time or until the item sells out. Longer deals tend to be Deals of the Day which last for 24 hours, while others last for the entire length of Prime Day. Some can also come back into stock on the second day but don’t rely upon this if you see the right deal for you.

This year, we’ve been promised new deals that will drop every 30 minutes during select periods, so it should be an exciting time.

There’s also an all-new Invite-only deals program where Prime members can request an invitation to get some of the best deals that are likely to sell out. This includes 75% off the

and 55% off


Do other retailers have Prime Day deals?

Yes! While Prime Day itself is obviously an Amazon exclusive, many other retailers run their own sales during the same time period. It’s all in a bid to capture the excitement of sales time which often means we all end up looking around for great deals. While those retailers may not have as big a sale as they might around Black Friday, it’s still worth seeing what’s out there.

Typically, we see Best Buy and Walmart run their own sales events during Prime Day week. Usually, these sales have their own names to make them stand out from Amazon’s way of doing things. Similar items tend to be part of the sale including TVs, smartwatches, headphones, cooking gadgets, and a heap more too.

Other retailers like Dell and HP are also likely to have sales on around Prime Day 2023. While these will focus on laptops and PCs, if you’re looking for such a system or a new monitor or similar, you’re sure to save big by searching around and seeing what works best for your budget and needs. Generally, don’t be afraid to see what’s out there during the Prime Day event or the week surrounding it either. There should be some excellent bargains around.

Are Prime Day deals only for Prime subscribers?

For the most part, yes Prime Day deals are only for Prime members. While some deals tend to be available for all customers during Prime Day, they don’t tend to be as great a discount as they would be for a Prime member. It’s a really good idea to sign up for Amazon Prime in time for the Prime Day sale. Amazon Prime costs $15 per month or $139 a year so it may not always be good value to pursue this route, depending on the discount you’re seeking.

Fortunately, there is an Amazon Prime free trial if you haven’t used it before. It gives you a month’s worth of access to Prime including all the benefits like Prime Video, but most importantly, means you can check out the Prime Day 2023 sale just like if you were a regular subscriber. Just remember to cancel it before the month is up and you won’t pay a cent for the service.

Of course, Amazon Prime Day deals might be exclusive to Prime members but that’s not the case for any other retailer putting on a sale. If you don’t want to sign up for Amazon Prime or have already used a free trial, you can still check out the sales that retailers like Best Buy or Walmart are hosting at the same time. In some cases, discounts could be the same so you won’t miss out by doing so.

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