Best Prime Day Gaming Laptop Deals: Sales You Can Shop Now

Prime Day 2023 is happening on July 11 and July 12, and it should bring discounts on some of the hottest electronics money can buy. In fact, gaming laptops are likely to be some of the bestsellers in this year’s Prime Day deals, and we’re hoping for a banner turnout from third-party brands on Amazon and other retailers. For some, though, they may still want to grab a gaming laptop right now, and we’re happy to say that a lot of the great gaming laptops deals to choose from today, at the likes of Best Buy, Walmart, and of course Amazon, with retailers like Dell and Lenovo also hosting ‘early bird’-style sales of their own right now.

That being said, we strongly advise waiting until Prime Day to do your shopping, and there are many great reasons to do that. For starters, Prime Day often has the best sales of the year, so any sales you find now will likely not be as great as the ones on Prime Day. An even more important point is that Prime Day is now only a few days away, and for something like a gaming laptop which isn’t necessarily a necessity, waiting these extra few days will be worth it. Besides, many retailers will likely try and undercut Amazon, so we might see some great deals at Best Buy, Walmart, and a few other stores that might have great Prime Day gaming laptop deals.

Today’s best Prime Day gaming laptops deals

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 — $600, was $900

The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 gaming laptop with a racing game on the display.

Known as one of the best laptop brands for both gaming and business purposes, Lenovo knows how to make a robust system. The Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 packs a lot into its great price tag. It has an AMD Ryzen 5 5600H processor, 8GB of memory and 256GB of SSD storage. More storage space would be nice but if you’re fine just having a few games installed at once, this won’t slow you down. It also has an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti graphics card which is great for playing the latest games if you don’t mind tweaking the detail level. As well as that, there’s a 15.6-inch full HD screen, white backlit keyboard and a cool-looking style to the laptop.

Dell G16 gaming laptop — $1,100, was $1,400

The Dell G16 gaming laptop with Genshin Impact on the screen.

The Dell G16 gaming laptop squeezes a 16-inch screen into a 15-inch chassis so it’s a little lighter than you might expect. Under the hood is a 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of memory and 1TB of SSD storage space. It also sports an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card which is paired up nicely with its 16-inch QHD display with a 2560 x 1600 resolution. A 165Hz refresh rate means you won’t have to concern yourself with motion blur either, no matter how fast the action might get. An Alienware-inspired design ensures that cooling is fantastic, while you also have access to the Alienware Command Center for any time you might want to tweak settings or even overclock the hardware.

HP 16-inch Victus gaming laptop — $1,100, was $1,300

Victus 16 by HP Laptop

The HP 16-inch Victus gaming laptop is a professional-looking laptop that’s perfectly pivoted towards gamers. It has an Intel Core i5 processor, 16GB of memory, and 512GB of SSD storage. Best of all, it has the latest Nvidia GeForce RTX 40-Series graphics card. In this case, you get the benefits of a 4050 graphics card with 6GB of dedicated VRAM. If you want to know you have the latest, this will suit the role well. The 16.1-inch full HD screen offers a 144Hz refresh rate and anti-glare properties, while there’s audio from Bang & Olufsen and an HP True Vision 1080p full HD webcam. A full-size backlit keyboard with numeric keypad rounds off the well-designed set of features.

Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 — $1,400, was $2,150

Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 placed on a desk.
Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

The Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 is a sweet-looking gaming rig. It’s more than that though with its Intel Core i9 processor, 16GB of memory, and 1TB of SSD storage. It also has an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti graphics card that goes well with the 16-inch WQXGA display with a 165Hz refresh rate and 500 nits of brightness. 3ms response time rounds off the excellent display. There’s ROG intelligent cooling too while Dolby Atmos support bolsters the speakers and a single-zone RGB keyboard backlight looks great.

Alienware m17 R5 gaming laptop — $1,900, was $2,650

Alienware m17 R5 laptop sitting on a table.

The Alienware m17 R5 gaming laptop is a potent powerhouse as you’d expect from Alienware. It has an AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processor that’s ably paired up with a huge 32GB of memory. 1TB of SSD storage serves all your storage needs, while there’s the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card there to ensure you can play all the latest games without a problem. It also has a 17.3-inch full HD screen with 3ms response time, Nvidia G-Sync support, and a ridiculous 480Hz refresh rate. Yup, motion blur simply won’t happen here. Excellent Alienware Cryo-tech cooling keeps things running nicely, while there’s Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support for getting the best from the hardware.

Razer Blade 15 — $2,400, was $3,000

Fortnite running a Razer Blade 15.

The Razer Blade 15 is one of the best gaming laptops around thanks to being far more portable than most, while still being very powerful. This particular model has a 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of memory and 1TB of SSD storage. It also has an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti to power the 15.6-inch full HD display with 2ms response time and 360Hz refresh rate. The keyboard has per-key backlighting while there’s a USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 port, along with two USB-C 3.2 and two USB-A ports for all your accessories. THX Spatial Audio ensures even the speakers sound great. Super sleek, it’s lighter than most and looks classier than much of the competition.

Alienware m16 gaming laptop — $3,000, was $3,450

Alienware m16 laptop on a white background.

Packed with the latest hardware, the Alienware m16 gaming laptop is perfect for anyone keen to buy a system that’s future-proofed. It has a 13th-generation Intel Core i9 processor as well as the latest Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card with 16GB of dedicated VRAM. 32GB of memory is great for multitasking while there’s a huge 2TB of SSD storage so there’s plenty of room for all your games. A 16-inch QHD screen looks great with a 240Hz refresh rate and 3ms response time, along with Nvidia G-Sync support. It’s sleeker than you’d think too while still having room for an advanced cooling system. Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support means it looks and sounds great too, including when taking some downtime and watching a movie. If you can afford the ultimate gaming laptop, this is near enough it.

Should you buy a gaming laptop on Prime Day 2023?

There are a few things to consider before you dive into the Prime Day gaming laptop deals. An obvious one is whether you actually need a gaming laptop. After all, they’re far from cheap so this isn’t an impulse purchase. Do you plan on gaming a lot on the move? In this case, a gaming laptop can be very useful. They’re also great if you have limited space at home so there’s no room for a full gaming desktop setup.

Convenient in many ways, the latest gaming laptops still offer you a fantastic experience, enabling you to play the best games. They are more expensive than desktops though, even when discounted as part of Prime Day 2023. It’s important to know you definitely want one before getting lured in by a great discount.

Once you’ve figured that out, it’s smart to do some research. Read up on the best gaming laptops and stick to those brands if you can’t find the exact model on sale. Gaming laptops aren’t like regular laptops so you need to prioritize a good graphics card along with a great display and other specs. For extra portability, you might want to consider the best thin and light gaming laptops, too, as these are just as powerful but very slim. When buying anything portable, it’s a good idea to think about how portable you actually need it to be.

By buying a gaming laptop during the Prime Day sales, you should get a pretty good deal. Prime Day is one of the best sales events of the year. While you could wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday, that’s a number of months away and you may find finances tighter while you juggle holiday spending. Buying during Prime Day tends to give you just as good value while also reaping the benefits of a great gaming laptop earlier in the year. Think of all those high-end games you can play now rather than having to wait a few months.

Make sure to keep an eye on deals so you’re not just enjoying incremental savings. However, it’s often quite obvious where the best discounts are and we’re here to help guide you to them. Ultimately, Prime Day often focuses on technology so you should be satisfied with the results here.

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