Best refurbished iPhone deals: iPhone 14 Pro for cheap

The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market, though they don’t come cheap. We’ve frequently only see iPhone deals when they are paired with new cell carrier contracts, and it’s even less frequent that you come across one of the best iPhones with a significant price drop. One way to land an iPhone at a great price is to shop refurbished. Refurbished iPhones almost all come backed with a functionality guarantee or extended return window nowadays, making a refurbished iPhone as safe of a purchase as shopping new. There are a lot of refurbished iPhones seeing amazing price points right now, and several that are even discounted. If you’re looking to save big on an iPhone, these are the best refurbished iPhone deals you’ll find right now.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro — $1,040

A black iPhone 14 Pro lying on a table.
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In our Apple iPhone 14 Pro review we call it effortlessly and unquestionably superb. This is Apple’s newest iPhone to date, and the Pro model gets you the best features Apple offers in an iPhone. The camera is probably the most professional offering. The main camera has a 48-megapixel sensor, while the wide-angle and telephoto lenses utilize 12 megapixels. You’ll get access to Apple’s software ecosystem, which includes apps that will sync across your Apple devices such as Mail, Apple Music, iCloud, Pages, and Numbers, and other cool features like Dynamic Island, good battery life, and a high resolution display are also part of the package.

Apple iPhone 14 — $708, was $755

A lineup of Apple iPhone 14s in different colors against a white background.

With the Apple iPhone 14 you’re getting one of the most popular smartphones on the market, as well as one of the most popular iPhone models. This is closer to the iPhone 14 model that’s meant for everyone. It holds back a few features you can only get on the Pro model, but it still has an impressive 6.1-inch display, a pro-level camera, and dozens of new ways to personalize your iPhone experience with widgets and fonts. The camera utilizes wide and ultra-wide lenses, and takes photos at 12-megapixel resolution. The phone can reach up to 26 hours of battery life on a single charge, and it’s powered by Apple’s A15 Bionic chip. Face ID, emergency SOS via satellite, and super fast 5G cellular connectivity round out the features of the Apple iPhone 14.

Apple iPhone SE (2020) — $160

The 2020 model of the Apple iPhone SE against a white background.

Even with the more recent release of the iPhone SE (2022), the 2020 model still holds up well by today’s measurements. In fact, the iPhone SE (2020) has the classically sleek design from a few years ago that a lot of people still prefer today. The camera system is one of the premier things to talk about when it comes to the iPhone SE, as it’s a 12 megapixel main camera and a 7 megapixel front selfie camera. You can take stunning family photos in portrait mode with each camera, and the high resolution cameras make it a great option for videoconferencing and chatting with friends via FaceTime.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro — $627

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro, 128GB, Pacific Blue against a white background.
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A major hit upon its release, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro remains a premium iPhone choice today. It introduced the current iPhone design to the world, and its “Pro” moniker means you’ll be getting a lot of high end features. These include the camera system and a 6.1-inch OLED display. iPhones are often considered to have the best displays among all smartphones, and the 60Hz refresh rate makes this a good phone for gaming in addition to both creating and consuming content. The camera has three different lenses and a 12-megapixel sensor, and technology within the phone’s camera software improve low light performance.

Apple iPhone 12 Mini — $313

iPhone 12 mini in hand

The Apple iPhone 12 Mini is one of the best refurbished options if you prefer the form factor of a smaller phone. It has many of the great features you can find in current iPhone models, such as a high resolution dual-camera system and a powerful yet efficient processor. The smaller size didn’t keep Apple from holding back with this iPhone. The display comes in at 5.4-inches and provides a sharp, lifelike image that’s great for watching entertainment, scrolling the internet, or creating content of your own. This refurbished model comes with 64GB of storage capacity, which should be enough for most people to load up with their favorite apps.

Apple iPhone 11 — $289, was $303

The Apple iPhone 11 against a white background.

In its day the Apple iPhone 11 was considered to be a great phone for everyone, and we’re not sure its day is done with yet. It has a slightly beefier look compared to the iPhone’s current design, mostly due to having slightly larger bezels. This model has the classic rounded edges that many people loved in its day, and which many people still prefer. The 6.1-inch display holds up today, and this model has 64GB of storage capacity, which should be just enough to house most people’s lineup of apps. The camera system also holds up to today’s standards. It has a 120-degree ultra-wide-angle lens so you can get more from a scene you when you take a photo. It also has a 12-megapixel sensor with an f/1.8 aperture, being the same main lens as the iPhone 11 Pro.

Apple iPhone 8 — $131

Front and rear views of the Apple iPhone 8 against a white background.

The Apple iPhone 8 dates back to 2019, but in many ways it still holds up today, particularly if affordability is your main point of interest. It’s the same body you’ll find Apple still using in iPhone SE models, with a physical button at the bottom of the screen. Many people still prefer this form factor, finding it easier to use than the current iPhone lineup that has all interaction done through the touchscreen. If you just want access to Apple’s software ecosystem through iOS and don’t have a flair for all of the new tech bells and whistles, the iPhone 8 is the one for you.

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