Bihar Dearness Allowance Rates for Working Employee

Government employees were looking for an increase of Bihar Dearness Allowance, as this is only one benefit that they directly receive in salary which benefits for their monthly balance.

The State government of Bihar has recently increased around 11 percent of DA for freeze period of DA. It is applicable for all Government employees of State after annoucement of CG, which was highest in long time.

The new Dearness Allowance will be at 34% from 01.01.2022 as per new AICPIN which was earlier 28% and most probably the effective date of implementation has been given since July.

It is the state government that brought these initiatives to go ahead with an increase of DA. This does motivate their employees and allow them to have the same belief with government jobs.

Bihar Dearness Allowance Rates

Dearness Allowance from Increased DA Total DA fopr Employee & Pensioners
01.01.2022 3 34%
01.01.20 to 30.06.21 (Freeze period) 28
01.07.2019 17

The DA is well calculated based on the basic salary of employees and employees with higher basics in the department will see a good hike in their salary slip. Here we update the new dearness allowance rates as and when Bihar state government announced after Central govt announcement.

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