BoBiBanking for Bank of Baroda Retail & Corporate Login

BOBiBanking guide is live | Create new user id for BoBiBanking login to access retail, corporate and International banking. Register BOB retail user login for individual and corporate banking…


Bank of Baroda is a multinational Indian bank with the best online banking services. It is known to be one of the top public sector banking services all across the world. There are very few and simple browser requirements for BOBiBanking login (Bank of Baroda Net Banking) usage.

For that the retailer or corporate user of BOB net banking needs to follow to login to online banking facility, they are

  1. RAM : Minimum of 16/32 MB RAM is required
  2. Hard Disk Capacity : 10-20 MB free space
  3. Operating System : Operating System like Windows 2000, XP or latest version
  4. Browser Version : Any browser that can run on above said Operating System

Some cases users might not receive their login confirmation details with the debit card and cheque books by BOB. At such times, if you have your debit or credit card then you can create BoBiBanking service and activate it directly as shown below.

BoBiBanking Registration

Registration and Activation of BoBiBanking login service is easy, just follow the steps and activate net banking service

  1. Customers can open in your secure browser

  2. Click Login under Retail User to open login page

  3. Use Online Registration using Debit card option for new user ID activation

  4. Enter Verification Code shown and Click Continue

  5. Provide Account Linked Debit Card Number, Expiry Date, PIN and Security Character Shown

  6. Click Validate to verify your BOB account details and to send login details

  7. Click on the link received on your registered email

  8. Enter the Login and Transaction Passwords and Answer Security Questions

  9. Click Submit to complete Baroda Connect Self Registration

BoBiBanking Login

  1. Open secured browser and click on the link
  2. Click Login
  3. Tap on Baroda Connect (Net Banking) India to open login page at
  4. Enter User ID and Click Login
  5. Enter your User ID in the given box and then click on Enter button
  6. After that this page will load another page, where you have to enter your Bank of Baroda Internet banking password and then click on the Submit button
  7. Once done, this will load and give you access to the BarodaConnect Net banking service online directly

Bank of Baroda customer can also reset BoBibanking forgot password or forgotten username instantly online without any approach to service bank.

Please check the following FAQs provided by to resolve some of the queries

  1. How do i register for BoBibanking?

    Every new Bank of Baroda user will get activated Internet Banking facility through BoBiBanking login, but it is to be noted that the transactions are not allowed in the first 24 hours due to activation time, and after that, you can either login with your user ID and password or login via app to access the Internet banking.

  2. How can i get BoB bank statement online?

    Login to the portal and click on the Accounts tab to get the bank statement for your desired period like 1,2, 3 or 6 month as per the selection.

  3. What is the length of Bank of Baroda Net Banking Password and Requirements?

    It should be a combination of both alphabets and characters and can also have special characters for, But make sure that the minimum password is 8 characters long and maximum can be 16 characters as well.

  4. What is Password Validity Time and OTP Validity Time?

    Both the terms are different and Password validity for Net banking is 1 year which is 365 days. While the OTP validity is only 3 minutes from the time of OTP is generated.

  5. What is the cooling period of BarodaConnect New Registration?

    The Bank of Baroda (BOB) Net banking cooling period of new registration is 24 hours only after which transaction and more features will be completely available.

  6. Are there any charges for Bank of Baroda or Barodaconnect?

    No, there are no charges for any registration for BobiBanking login when you activate Bank of Baroda net banking as well. But in case if you wish to go for some debit card or credit card with pictures or different plans then it will cost you based on the plan of the card you might select, but there are no prior charges that will occur when you just register.

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