BOI HRMS for Bank of India Employee Login to Manage ESS

Make the way easier with BOI HRMS for Bank of India employee. Know how to register, ESS login, and to download BOI HRMS Salary Slip from HRMS portal…

Bank of India is one of India’s largest banks which provide multiple services to their customers all round India. Bank of India holds thousands of employees in their various branches located in various locations of India and to have their employee record managed, they bring the Bank of India HRMS portal.

To ease the work of employees for their leave calculation, leave apply, holiday calendar, salary distribution. Pay slip generation, employee record management and more are managed through BOI HRMS.

There are thousands of employees working in Bank of India to support daily banking services, as well the recruitment of the employee is managed through the HRMS login portal. There are services which ease the work of Admin and HR in Bank of India by having the manual intervention and the manual errors.

BOI HRMS Features

Let us have a look at some services that are provided by the Bank of India HRMS portal to their employees. The BOI HRMS portal is firmly referred to as BOI SAFE, and here we are going to look at its features.

Leave approval and Request

BOI Employees can visit the BOI Safe portal and apply for the leaves directly from their leave calendar. The approval will be provided online which does ensure to have records in the HRMS portal and as well the process will be quick.

Check leave Balance

Employees of bank of India can check their leaves from the leave services under the HMRC portal. These will let you know how many leaves you have left with and help you to plan our trip.

BOI Holidays

In India there are holidays as per the region and the BI Safe does help their employees to check their holidays in an easy manner. Bank holidays list will update which can availed by employees during the day.


It seen that bank employees does have to travel for customer visit or any such purpose, at such condition BOI employees can make use of reimbursement page and apply for reimburse amount as per company policy

Pay slip

The pay slip for employee generated by the end of month and the previous year pay slip already stored in the portal. Thus BOI safely does give you access to your pay slip.

How to Register BOI HRMS

The BOI HRMS or BOI SAFE is only for the employees of bank of India, this here is the process of registration which they can follow to get access to BOI HRMS.

  1. Compose a mail by entering below details

    Get your mail open and write down below details for registration

  2. Provide your name and Date of Birth

    Enter your First name, middle name, last name and date of birth

  3. Enter details as date of joining and retiring from BOI along with PF number

    Date of joining Bank of India and Date of Retirement and also PF number and Designation along with EMAIL ID

  4. Also provide previous employment details with dates

    Previous employment details with dates

  5. Send this mail to [email protected]

    Send the above said details to [email protected] and wait for the reply to be sent along with the login credentials.


If you’re a BOI employee or staff member then you can follow these steps. Get access to the bank of India staff portal with your login credentials.

  1. Go to the official website of BOI SAFE portal using
  2. Select your authenticate made from the given 4 options
  3. Enter the MMS ID and the respective password
  4. Click on submit button and very yourself through OTP sent
  5. Once verified, you will able to access the Bank of India staff page, which will be exclusive with your details. Here you can find all your information and get access to employee services.

How to Download Bank of India HRMS Salary Slip

The Bank of India SAFE website does give the option to download the pay slip from its official website directly. Without going to the accountant and asking for a pay slip.

  1. Visit the BOI SAFE official website using the page
  2. Click on login button and select the authentication method from options
  3. Enter your ID and password, then click on submit button to proceed
  4. Verify your identity with the authentication method selected
  5. Click on main menu option and Select self-services and then tap on pay slip option from list
  6. Select month of pay slip and click on Generate pay slip and Tap on run report and wait for report to get successful
  7. Now tap on Save Pay Slip and get your pay slip save as PDF
  8. This is how you will get your pay slip from the BOI official website through your BOI HRMS credentials. The pay slip will load in the BOI SAFE portal on the day of salary credit or the current month.
  1. Does BOI HRMS allow you to apply for past leaves?

    Yes, if an employee has taken excess leaves or had taken leaves but not applied before in the BOI SAFE portal. They can come back from vacation and then reapply for the leaves for the vacation days and get it approved by the manager.

  2. How to reset the BOI HRMS staff password?

    The login password for the BOI HRMS staff account can be changed anytime with using the authentication method. Employees can use the password reset option from the login page and get the new password set instantly through online. There is no offline process until you have access to any of the authentication types.

  3. Can I download last year’s pay slip from BOI HRMS?

    The BOI HRMS portal does save one year of pay slip and the employee can access them from the pay slip link in the self-services options. Any pay slip above one year should be taken by visiting the branch accountant.

  4. Does a new employee in BOI have to create their ID?

    When anyone joins the Bank of India, during their recruitment process their ID will be created and the access to BOI SAFE will be provided to them. The recruitment formalities and the document upload will be processed through online, thus they will be provided access to BOI HRMS.

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