Built for work, this HP laptop with 64GB of RAM is $2050 off

Someone using the HP Zbook Studio.

Despite Covid increasingly becoming more “distant memory” than “constant fear,” a large amount of Americans are still working from home. The result? Maybe it’s time for going to work to officially become a “distant memory” and not a “constant fear” as well. One of the best ways to celebrate this realization could be by buying one of the best business laptops, and your new coffeeshop companion, while it is heavily on sale. It’s the HP ZBook Firefly, which is usually $4,549, for $2,050 off. That makes it’s final price $2,499. Check it out via the button below.

Why you should buy an HP ZBook Firefly

The HP ZBook Firefly is a business-optimized laptop with excellent memory and storage to support both advanced editing software and local storage of sensitive documents. In fact, the 1 TB of local storage is on a PCie drive, which runs faster than both HDD and SSD drives. It runs on a 13th Gen Intel Core i7 processor with a Windows 11 Pro operating system. The 14-inch screen is in a 16:10 aspect ratio. While we’ve seen this aspect ratio before, it is still at least somewhat unusual. The reasoning behind it? It shows 11% more vertical content than 16:9 displays, increasing scroll efficiency.

Ultimately, though, the HP ZBook Firefly is mostly about mobility and getting you on the job wherever you want. For example, fast change gets you to 50% charge in just 30 minutes while HP Sure View makes your screen unreadable to those around you, promoting security. A super unique feature — and a definite nod to those of us in the coffee shop worker class — is a “drain hole” in the keyboard. It allows minor spills to flow out and save your keyboard. Finally, when it is time for that on-the-go Zoom meeting, there’s a 5 MP camera with AI correction features that improve the view even when lighting is off.

There’s a lot more to discover about the HP ZBook Firefly, so be sure to check it out via the button below. Remember, while this deal lasts, It is $2,050 off. That brings it down from $4,549 to $2,499. So, go ahead and tap that button below and learn more about this impressive laptop with next gen features for yourself!

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