CEO Full Form and their Roles / Responsibilities in Company

CEO full form Chief Executive Officer is just not a title it is a great responsibility, as they are responsible of managing an organization. Find CEO roles and responsibilities, qualifications, some of the top-rated CEOs and their qualities.

CEO usually reports to board of directors and appointed or elected by the board of directors of company. This is a kind of role which requires great level of determination, Vision, Strategy, and critical thinking. CEO will have authority to make decisions in agreement with board of directors, because any decision which CEO makes will have direct and indirect impact on employees, shareholders, and customers.

Responsibilities of a CEO

CEO full form is a magical word. CEO can make ultimate decision making related to all the business units of the company. He has the power to make business decision and operations related to human resources, business value, marketing, finance, R&D, Share price, shareholders, customers etc.

General responsibilities of CEO are

  • Defining organizational goals and direction of the company
  • Highly self-motivated and ability to work under pressure
  • Support and build policies for employees
  • Bridging between board and employees
  • Budget allocation and planning for all the departments
  • Public relations and present laws related to geographical area

When the person first takes their role as CEO

  • He/She will review the current business and its value and share price and market value
  • Review Immediate customer commitments and finance related matters budget, revenue, profit and losses
  • CEO will do the meet and greet with all their employee
  • Visiting all the head offices of each country across globe to meet the employee
  • R&D teams plans various product demos and new developments to CEO and board of directors
  • CEO will review and approve all the policies, terms and conditions of the company
  • CEO will broadcast the customer wins and new proposals
  • He makes decision is overtaking and mergers of other company to current company.
  • As a top hierarchy of the organization, he will have to make decisions to benefit all the employees as each and every department ultimately reports to CEO
  • Highly motivated speeches, employee coffee connects
  • He/She will be face of company for the external world
  • CEO will share the prime news and changes to share prices and merger news to press.

Top rated CEOs across globe

Top influential CEOs from India to various companies

Name Company Country
Satya Nadella Microsoft US
Arvind Krishna IBM US
Lakshmi Mittal ArcelorMittal Luxembourg
Mukesh Ambani Reliance India
Gautam Adani Adani Group India
Shantanu Narayen Adobe Inc. US
Top rated CEOs,Indians

Top 10 influential CEOs across world

Name Company Country
Elon Musk Tesla SpaceX US
Satya Nadella Microsoft US
Andy Jassy Amazon US
Tim Cook Apple US
Jamie Dimon JPMorgan Chase US
Arvind Krishna IBM US
Bernard Arnault LVMH France
Albert Bourla Pfizer US
Amin H. Nasser Saudi Aramco Saudi Arabia
Top 10 CEO of the world

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  1. Will the Age and Gender is a criterion to apply for CEO position?

    Definitely No. The potential to be CEO is a major criterion rather gender or age. There are many organizations who are young CEOs and women CEOs made lot of difference in the company vision and mission.

  2. CEO is MD are same and Does they have authority to make any decision?

    Yes, in some companies’ MD managing director also refers to CEO specially in UK and Europe and CEO is more popular in US. Usually, CEO will have full authority to make decision and most of the times the board of directors will also have power to review or challenge the decisions.

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