Combined Nomination Form of Railway for PF, CGEGIS, DCRG

Providing the attachment of combined nomination form for Railway employee to authorize the relevant to receive the share on PF, CGEIS, and DCRG amounts in case of death…

Through this application form the amount of money that is saved up in your Indian Railway department provident fund to be sanctioned for the person you are nominating for. This application form of Railway department is necessary if any employee wants to nominate any member of your families like spouses, parents, or your brother or sister to receive the benefit of your provident fund money.

At the same time, this combined nomination form of Railway department can be used for Provident Fund, CGEGIS, DCRG nomination to any member of your family, and in the amount section, you can either mention the amount to be received to be nominated under the member of the family or else you can even put a share of your money.

Combined Nomination Form

The application must be duly filled clearly with all the necessary details like Name, Address, Relationship, Amount of Share, and after submitting the new nomination form, the old may cancel and supersedes with new.

Also, two mandatory witnesses of other railway employees should sign in the prescribed form and should be sent to the HR authority for making necessary recommendations through controller officer recommendation.

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