Dave the Diver: how to find the Microphone

Sunken treasure comes in all shapes and sizes in Dave the Diver. While you probably would never guess that a quest would have you diving in search of a Microphone of all things, that’s exactly what you need to do in order to complete the “Sea People Language Translator” main quest. There are technically three items required to make the Translator, with the other two being the Sea People Stone Tablet and an Amethyst. Even though you get an idea of where to find them all, the Microphone is rather tricky to track down. Rather than waste all your air and time combing the depths of the sea, we’ll map out exactly where you can find the Microphone in Dave the Diver.

Dave swimming down to collect a microphone in the sea.


Where to find the Microphone

The Microphone will be in a familiar location from an earlier quest in Dave the Diver. If you need a refresher, here’s where to search.

Step 1: Dive straight down in the Blue Hole.

Step 2: Continue straight down into the first cavern to around 100 to 120 meters.

Step 3: To the east (or right), you will find the old shipwreck of the yellow ship. This is the same shipwreck where you needed to go in order to fight the first boss; the Giant Squid. While the boss is still gone, there are a number of dangerous sea creatures around to be aware of.

Step 4: Get through the ship and into the cavern below and collect the Microphone, which will be marked with a yellow exclamation point.

With this, and the other two pieces needed to make the Translator, you can return to Dr. Bacon to complete the quest.

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