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Anyone who has played an open-world Bethesda game knows there are nearly endless possibilities within them, and that sentiment is quadrupled for the space-exploration experience of Starfield. As the studio’s first new IP in nearly three decades, it’s clear even at a glance that Starfield is packed to the brim with planets to explore, NPCs to meet, creatures to discover, and choices to make about your character’s role in the universe. However, we also live in an age where cooperative and competitive gaming has become wildly popular, so it’s reasonable to ask if Starfield boasts the same multiplayer functionality as Bethesda’s shared-world title Fallout 76. Here’s what you need to know.

Does Starfield have multiplayer?

Spaceship on planet in Starfield.

No, Starfield does not have multiplayer, meaning you are unable to team up with friends in the game’s vast universe in any way. As such, for those seeking cooperative exploration or PVP showdowns, Starfield won’t be able to scratch that itch for you, as it’s an entirely solo experience from beginning to end.

However, while Bethesda has not given any indication that multiplayer is coming to Starfield, the studio’s games are known far and wide for their passionate modding community. Because of this, there’s always the chance that some creative fans of the game will eventually create mods that could add some type of co-op to the game, or even allow players to fight one another in PVP. If and when these types of mods will be available is unknown, though, so players will simply have to get lost in Starfield alone for the time being.

Starfield launches on Xbox Series X and PC on September 6. Those who purchase the Premium Edition can begin playing the game early on September 1.

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