ERP Login for Different Platform of Modern Business

As you already know what is ERP, which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, Here you may know ERP Login process of different companies which make innovative system of any modern business in this era.

If you are either a business owner or employee or a student then you might come across different platforms that ask you to login to ERP to proceed further. This is essential because each business has its own customized ERP that enables cross functional processing between all parts of the business.

In the case of a business owner you might want to access ERP in order to enable functions, look at business expenses and more. Whereas for other roles such as HR, Finance, Production the ERP login provides access to the business function they need to attend to.

But in the case of an ERP implementation of a university or a college, then the students or faculty will have their own access through which they can access the platforms for further help and instructions.

ERP Login

In this article we will show you a simple glimpse of different popular Enterprise Resource Planning that different businesses use and you can learn the login process. After learning this you will be able to essentially login and access any other Enterprise resource planning portal without any issues.

In general once you have your login details and link then you can follow the below generic process to access your account.

  • First you need to open your ERP portal from the given link
  • Then either select your login type if required or else simply enter your account details
  • Once done, click on either on the Login or Sign In button to access your account


This ERP portal is for Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technical University where students, faculty and staff are provided with username and password to access the portal.

  • You can open the AKTU ERP login portal
  • Then simply on the login page enter your username and password
  • Once done click the I am not a robot option and click on the login button to access your portal.

SJC ERP Login Process

St. Joseph’s College is a prime example of how a student ERP portal looks and if you are a student who wants to learn beforehand on how to access their university, college or institution ERP then you can follow the below instructions.

  • Open the SJC ERP login portal from here
  • Enter your registration number and password
  • Then click on the login button to access your student portal

DPS ERP Login Instructions

If you are from a school, then you should know ERP portals for Delhi Public School are built specially for each location and you can access them simply by using your account details as shown below.

Here, the above are some and we add some more ERP portal login process from time to time as per the simplified process.

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