Final Fantasy 16: all chronolith locations and rewards

Every Final Fantasy game changes up the battle system in one way or another. Final Fantasy 16 isn’t the first to have real-time, action-focused combat, but is by far the most polished and refined one. The story is by no means secondary, but for the first time players are able to really express themselves through the various combos and abilities you can pull off. Square Enix recognized this and included special combat trails called Chronolith Trials. These are somewhat similar to the special missions you can find in games like Devil May Cry 5 where you are faced with a unique challenge for a reward. As tough as these challenges are to beat, finding them is also a bit of a chore. Hop on your Chocobo and follow our lead to find all the Chronolith locations in Final Fantasy 16. 

What are Chronolith Trials?

Clive about to enter a chronolith trial.
Square Enix

Chronolith Trials are unique combat trails that put you into an arena that spawns waves of enemies. There will always be three rooms that each spawn three waves of enemies, plus a boss at the end. You’re on a timer, and can only use a designated Eikon with predetermined abilities. By pulling off Battle Techniques, including Precision Dodge and Ability Finishes, you can extend your time. If you’re quick enough to beat all the enemies without running out of time, you’ll earn a special accessory as a reward. There are seven in total, and completing them all will also unlock the final Wall of Memory item you need to complete that collection.

All Chronolith Trial locations


In Greensheaves in Rosaria, fast travel to Martha’s Rest and exit to the north. Follow the path east and you will find it just before the path leading to Rhiannon’s Ride.

Reward: The Favor of Fire — Increases Flames of Rebirth damage by 8%.


Travel to Dhalmekia and into the Krozjit Echoes Oblisk travel point. The trail is just a bit to the east along the canyon wall.

Reward: The Will of Wind —  Increase Aerial Blast damage by 12%


Over in Sanbreque, use the fast travel point of Caer Norvent River Gate in the Norvent Valley. Go north until you get to the T junction and head east to the dead end.

Reward: The Favor of Lightning — Increases Judgment Bolt damage by 6%.


Back in Dhalmekia, this time you want to go to the Velkroy Desert fast travel point and take the path north into the Northern Valkroy Desert. At the far north point is the Chronolith Trial.

Reward: The Favor of Earth — Increases Earthen Fury damage by 7%.


In Sanbreque, you’ll be going to the Northreach and heading north to the Royal Meadows and then all the way west to the edge of the cliff at the end of the map.

Reward: The Favor of Light — Increases Gigaflare damage by 5%.


Now over to Waloed, zip over to Eistla, and backtrack down through The Angry Gap. Stick to the south end of the map and you’ll find a tight passage leading to the trial.

Reward: The Will of Ice — Increases Diamond Dust damage by 10%.


Finishing off in Waloed, we’re now starting in Vidargraes and following the eastern side south into a field of flowers. This is where the final trial awaits.

Reward: The Will of Darkness — Increases Dancing Steel damage by 20%.

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