FinAssam Login and Registration for Employee Fin Assam ESS

The finance Department of Assam State has got its official website FinAssam login for their State government employee for registration to access HRMS, and the web portal is headed by the finance department of state which accounts entire Accounting information of employees, that makes the process of distributing salaries to employees.

Using this online web portal FinAssam, the account of total salaries distributed and it has become easier for employees to get their payslip whenever required, and a unique Username and password are assigned to every employee which allows them to access.


To get your access for Assam Employee Pay Slip, you need to sign up first by using the below listed requirements, and make sure you have these details prior before going to follow the Signup process.

  • Name as per Employment records
  • Mobile Number to be registered with web portal
  • Bank Account associated with Employee Details
  • IFSC code of respective bank
  • Few combinations of usernames to check and verify

To access the FinAssam Salary Slip every state government employee of Assam must get themselves to Sign up at web portal, so follow these steps shown below to complete the sign up process to Assam Employee web portal.

Finassam Registration

  1. Visit Assam State Finance Department web page using and let the page get loaded and you can see Login Page on screen
  2. Click on Employee Login from top left corner of the page
  3. Now click on Sign Up button and a new page will be loaded
  4. Enter your IFSC code and Account number used for Salary Credit
  5. Click on Continue Button and Enter your Employee Name
  6. Enter your new username which tool will check if available or else you need to choose a different username
  7. Present New password and Confirm the Password
  8. Enter your mobile number
  9. Click on Send OTP
  10. Once OTP is received, then enter the OTP and click on Register button to complete Finassam registration
Assam Employee Login Registration

With this above steps, you may successfully completes the registration process at Fin Assam through a pop up pop-up message shown on screen and also by an SMS to your registered mobile number for Assam employee ESS at login web portal to access employee HRMS services.

FinAssam Login

Firstly, visit the Finance department web page of Assam through finasaam employee login and wait for the page to get loaded and show the Login page

  1. Click on employee login form top left corner of the page
  2. Now enter your Email ID or Mobile number, which were used during registration
  3. Enter the Password followed by Captcha Code shown in box
  4. Now click on Login Button to access and wait for details to be verified.

Once login credentials are collected, you will be taken to your respective Assam employee payslip login page, and here you can use the options provided and choose to view or download your payslip of any month.

This will help each Assam employee in many ways and mostly the time to walk to the Department account office can be ignored, and the Payslip for Assam Employee is an important source of employment and thus having it accessible from anywhere will always be beneficial for you.

  1. Can I choose my name as a username for FinAssam?

    You need to enter your suggested username in the columns and let the tool check for its availability, and if the username is available to use, you can choose it or you need to use a different combination of words to be as your Assam Employee Pay Slip username.

  2. Can anyone access the FinAssam Login Page?

    No, only Assam government employees who are working on permanent basis can access the Assam Employee Pay Slip Login web page, and every employee must get themselves registered into the Finance Department portal using their employment details to access the web portal.

  3. Can I change password after registration?

    The password change option isn’t available in the web portal, instead you can choose the forgot password link form the Main page, and if you want to change your password it required your registered mobile number and few basic details to verify.

  4. Is Bank IFSC code mandatory for Assam Employee Pay Slip Sign Up?

    Yes, to activate your account for the very first time employees need to submit their bank details first, and the details of employees are checked and based on stored employee details registration is processed.

  5. Can I change my username in Assam Employee Login?

    Username for every employee is assigned during their time of signup and thus it will be associated with their employee details from the finance department, and thus, employees cannot change their username once it has been assigned to them.

  6. What to do If Assam Employee Pay Slip Login Failed?

    Assam Employee Pay Slip Login Failed or wrong password shows up, if you have used wrong username or password, and thus, using the wrong password multiple times will lock your account and leave it un-accessible for the next 24 hours.

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