Find PSPCL Pensioner Employee ID in Online for HRMS Access

After Superannuation in Punjab State Power Corporation Limited, if you forgotten PSPCL pensioner employee id, then you have a chance to recover the same by providing the simple details in online, So just enter into PSPCL HRMS portal and recover your pensioner id as said in the process…

There are a lot of retired employees in Punjab State Power Corporation Limited, as this is a state run department and they all have pension to their name after their retirement, where after superannuation, all the employees can have access to get their pension pay slip in PSPCL HRMS portal, so it is mandatory to have pensioner id at the moment

After superannuation, there may be chances that some employee may forget their user ID, where the below method will help you find that PSPCL id number to allow access to HRMS login

How to Get PSPCL Pensioner Employee ID Number

  • Open your browser and follow the URL
  • Under the Login ID box, click on Find Employee Id (For Pensioners Only)
  • In the next page, enter the File No which is your Pension file number
  • Provide Date of Birth which was registered in records
  • Simply click on the Find button and this will show your User ID on the screen right away

In this way you can find a user ID for a pensioner’s account but you will also have to retrieve the password again by using PSPCL password recovery method.

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