Fortnite Artifact Axe: how to destroy stones and best location

Anyone who plays Fortnite long enough will come to love its yearly summer festivities, and as usual, this year’s Summer Escape Event has proven to be a great time for players looking to engage in fun quests and earn new cosmetics. This week provides a new quest that tasks you with destroying 10 stones in battle royale mode, which offers you the reward of a new harvesting tool known as the Artifact Axe. If you’re wondering what qualifies as a stone and how to destroy them, we’ll give you the details below.

How to destroy stones in Fortnite to earn the Artifact Axe

First of all, you’ve probably hidden behind some of these stones before because, well, the game is actually just referring to the large rocks you can find scattered all across the map. Some are larger than others, but they’re all easily identifiable and can be destroyed by smacking them repeatedly with a harvesting tool. In other words, you’re quite likely to run across plenty of them playing naturally, especially if you spend any time in forests or along the coast.

If you’re wanting to know of a spot that will help you knock the quest out quicker, you can try heading to the beach to the south of Kenjutsu Crossing at the bottom of the map.

Marker showing location of a beach on the Fortnite map

There are plenty of rocks down here along the coast, making this an extremely fast spot to complete the quest in its entirety in a single match. However, keep in mind other folks may have the same idea, so it might be best to loot up a bit before you start smacking away at rocks.

That’s the only step required to get the free Artifact Axe, so load into as many rounds as you need to until the job is done. Note that you can only do this in the battle royale playlist.

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