Google Pixel Tablet deal offers first big discount, today

Google Pixel Tablet on its charging dock.
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Tablets are a dime-a-dozen these days, with offerings from all the great brands including Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, and more. So, if you really want to stand out in a sea of similar tech, you need to do things a little differently. That’s what Google’s Pixel Tablet offers. How? It comes with a unique speaker dock that can be used to both charge the device and offer room-filling sound — almost like a smart speaker add-on. Better yet, when your Pixel Tablet is docked it benefits from the Hub Mode, turning the device into a smart display, with digital photo frame support, smart home controls, and hands-free Google functionality. Of course, it could set you back at full price, normally $499 unless you find it included in a roundup of the best Google Pixel deals. Well, guess what? Thanks to a Best Buy Google Pixel Tablet deal, you can get it today for $439 and save $60. Hurry, though, it’s part of Best Buy’s recent 48-hour sale so it won’t stick around for long.

Why you should buy the Google Pixel Tablet

Okay, okay, so in our Google Pixel Tablet review, Joe Maring did give it less than stellar remarks, but he called out its reliable fingerprint sensor, comfortability during use and excellent speaker dock. Honestly, how many tablets come with a matching speaker dock that transforms the entire experience? This tablet also marks a “lot of firsts” for Google, as it’s the first tablet from the company in nearly five years, the first Android tablet in eight years, and can be converted into a smart home display with the speaker dock. All of which are notable milestones.

Caveats aside, this is an 11-inch Android tablet with 128GB of internal storage for contacts, music, photos, and more. It’s powered by the Google Tensor G2 processor, now in tablet form, and revised for a larger device — normally it’s found in Google Pixel smartphones.

Because it comes with and connects to the speaker dock, the Pixel Tablet also doubles as a hands-free smart display complete with crisp and clear video calling support. You can use Google Meet to communicate with friends and family on a more personal level, face-to-face just like you were always meant to. Plus, when you’re done, you can stream your favorite shows and movies via Google TV. It works seamlessly with other Pixel devices, too.

Normally $499, Best Buy’s current 48-hour sale drops the price of the Google Pixel Tablet to $439, saving you $60. Since it comes with the dock, that’s an excellent deal, especially when compared to some of Samsung’s latest tablets — they get pricey. Move fast, this deal won’t be available for long.

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