Hobby Lobby Employee Portal and its Login / Reset

Hobby Lobby, a popular American retail brand started its operation in 1972, It has more than 800 stores across the US. Across these stores, thousands of employees work.

To help these employees in all possible ways, the Hobby Lobby Company has started the Hobby Lobby portal. This portal helps the employee to get access to different types of perks, receive payment related information, and get employee discounts.

Hobby Lobby Employee Portal

There are endless benefits using the Hobby Lobby employee portal. Here, I am enlisting just a few.

  • View all the payment-related information like paystub, and payroll management, etc.
  • Access many plans like pension plans, medical and health plans.
  • Employee tasks vigilance.
  • Post the problems to find possible solutions.
  • Exchange of thoughts.
  • Access to different discount schemes supported by the company.
Hobby Lobby Employee Portal

Hobby Lobby Employee Login

The employee login process at the Hobby Lobby portal is quite simple

  1. Go to the official Hobby Lobby portal for instant access at https://employee.hobbylobby.com/
  2. Enter your Employee ID and the related password.
  3. Click on the Login tab
  4. Access the employee services

How to Recover a Forgotten Employee ID or Password at Hobby Lobby

Recovering the lost or forgotten password is possible and quite easy at the Hobby Lobby portal. Just follow these steps –

  1. Go to the official Hobby Lobby page employee.hobbylobby.com
  2. You will see an option ‘Forgot Password’ near the Login tab. Click on that.
  3. Now, choose an Account type and do as directed on the screen.
  4. At the end, click on the ‘Next’ tab.
  5. Do as directed and you are all done.

Does Hobby Lobby supports 401k?

The company is a lobby store, so the Supreme Court has exempted Hobby Lobby from 401k advantages.

When do the Hobby Lobby employees get paid?

There is no definite day for this.

Is Hobby Lobby a reputable employer?

Yes, it is because of the efficient scanners and attentive managers.

What is the per-hour salary of the Hobby Lobby Employee?

It varies from $9.99 per hour, with a raise to $11.00.

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