Hogwarts Legacy among dozens of 4th of July PS5 game deals

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PlayStation 5 owners, here’s your chance to add more titles to your library as Best Buy’s 4th of July sale is offering dozens of PS5 games at lower prices. We’re not sure if these offers will remain available until the end of the holiday, so if anything catches your eye, it’s highly recommended that you don’t wait until the last minute. Check out the PS5 game deals that are available from the retailer, and proceed with your purchases as soon as possible.

What to buy in Best Buy’s 4th of July sale for PS5 game deals

Among the cheapest offers under the PS5 game deals in Best Buy’s 4th of July sale are two classic open-world titles — for $20 and for $21, both down from $40. Fans of the long-running anime who are looking forward to the Netflix adaptation may want to play while waiting, as it’s discounted to $32 from $60, while horror enthusiasts should get their hands on , which is available for $24 instead of $30. For gamers who are looking for a Left 4 Dead-style experience on the PlayStation 5, blast your way through zombies with your friends in for $37, for a steal compared to its original price of $90.

One of the most high-profile games in the ongoing sale is , which will let you play as a student in the magical school that was introduced in the Harry Potter books, and it’s down to $60 from $70. If you’d rather be a Jedi than wizard, then continue the story of Cal Kestis in , which is available for $55 instead of $70. , a third-person shooter with roguelike elements and one of the best PS5 exclusives, is also on sale for just $27, compared to its sticker price of $70.

There are many more PlayStation 5 games available with discounts in Best Buy’s 4th of July sale, so there will surely be something for you if you take the time to browse through the offers. You’re going to have to be quick though — there’s always a lot of demand for discounts on PS5 games, so we don’t expect these bargains to last long. If you don’t want to miss out, you’ll need to buy the titles that you’re interested in immediately.

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