How to beat IB-01:CEL 240 in Armored Core 6

This may not be the last boss in the game, but FromSoftware’s final bosses typically aren’t their most challenging. In Armored Core 6, that crown goes to the boss of chapter 4, who has the catchy name of IB-01:CEL 240. This is the first boss that will really require you to understand and build out your AC to counter it if you want any hope of beating it, plus it has one dirty trick up its sleeve to be ready for. If you’ve been ramming mech after mech into this boss with no ideas left on how to overcome it, here are our best tips to help you beat IB-01:CEL 240 in Armored Core 6.

IB-01:CEL 240 boss guide

A big flying mech launching red drones.
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Your loadout here is more important than ever. Our most successful run utilized the tank legs for decent mobility, lots of Armor Points, and the capacity to carry heavy weaponry. Those weapons included twin Stun Needle Launchers on our shoulders and two Songbirds (or your best shotguns) on each arm.

The longer this fight goes on, the less likely your odds of survival become, so go on the offensive immediately with your Needle Launchers to get a fast stagger. For as much damage as this boss can, and will, dish out, it is surprisingly squishy, so get in there with your shotguns and go to town as fast as you can. A key attack to look for is when it jumps in the air to charge up a laser. If it fires, you’re almost certain to get hit. However, while it charges, it has to hold still long enough for you to stagger it with your needles. Its other main attack is melee swipes, which you can avoid best by always circling and trying to stay at its flank or sides.

The trick this boss pulls is that when you “finish” it, the fight isn’t over. It will get back up for a second phase with a couple of new moves. These are a bunch of sword swipes and another energy beam, both of which are just about one-hit kills. If you stay at a distance and use the same strategy as in phase 1, you should have no problem seeing them coming and dodging. Deplete its health one last time and the fight is officially over.

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