How to beat The Corrupter in Remnant 2

As you push through each of Remnant 2‘s biomes, you’ll eventually come to a point where you’ll have to face down one of its two possible final bosses. In the case of Yaesha, you’re likely to run into The Corrupter, a hulking monstrosity that floats around the back of a battlefield and lets its guardian construct do most of the fighting for it. Whether you’re tackling this tricky showdown alone or with some friends, it can be quite a doozy if you’re not sure how to counter some of the mechanics coming your way. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to strike down The Corrupter once and for all so you can head to your next destination.

How to beat The Corrupter

The Corrupter is located in The Great Bole in Yaesha, and you’ll be facing the monster down in an arena that consists of three long stone walkways that are hovering in the sky. Falling from any of the walkways will result in instant death, so this fight is as much about careful footing as it is actually fighting.

The boss itself is floating around at the very far end of the arena, but it will spawn a guardian construct on one of the pathways that will follow you around. If you damage the guardian construct’s head enough, it will eventually fall. This will cause The Corrupter to use some of its own health to heal the guardian construct. However, you can also just shoot at The Corrupter to deal direct damage to it. Depending on the method you use to kill The Corrupter, you can earn one of two rewards:

  • Defeating the boss without dropping the guardian construct will grant you the Hollow Heart, which you can trade with McCabe to craft the Stonebreaker melee weapon.
  • Defeating the boss while the guardian construct is down will grant you the Twisted Lazurite, which you can trade with McCabe for the Twisted Arbalest long gun.
Remnant II Many Faces boss fight.
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If you decide to keep the guardian construct alive, you’ll need to constantly avoid its attacks by jumping between the floating platforms while shooting The Corrupter directly. The guardian construct will do a spinning attack pretty frequently, but you shouldn’t be right up on the enemy anyway, so keeping your distance will make that attack less concerning. It will also sometimes disconnect its arms and swing them around at you, which can be frustrating to deal with. But the biggest thing to look out for is the jump attack it uses to follow you to a new platform, so you’ll want to get as far away as possible to avoid the shockwave it causes upon landing.

Shooting The Corrupter itself is a straightforward process, though, as its gigantic weak spot is quite easy to hit. However, after taking down about half of its health, it will begin charging up an extremely deadly beam that will cover an entire platform and could potentially kill you in a single blast. When you see it charging this attack up, use the broken stairs on the platform to jump to a new one. When you land, immediately turn and use the opportunity to deal out huge damage to its weak spot.

Whether you choose to kill the boss directly or take on its guardian construct, you’ll eventually drop this nasty creature and earn your reward. There’s nothing else to discover in the boss arena, so feel free to head back to Ward 13 and visit McCabe so you can craft a new weapon with whichever item you received.

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