How to beat The Red Prince in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 isn’t an easy game, and much of its challenge can come from its many bosses that are certain to test whether your build is up to snuff. One of the foes you may come across is an optional boss called The Red Prince, who resides upon a throne within The Gilded Chambers of Losomn. While you won’t encounter him on every visit to the biome, finding him provides you with an opportunity to earn some unique items in various ways. If you don’t pay him tribute, though, be prepared for he’ll be offended and rise from his throne prepared to strike you down – but we won’t let that happen, will we?

How to beat The Red Prince

The Red Prince can be found in the Gilded Chambers while exploring Losomn. Speaking with him will provide you with a few different options, each offering its own unique rewards.

  • If you pay The Red Prince the three Crimson King Coins he requests, you’ll skip the boss battle and earn the Bloody Steel Splinter, which can be exchanged with McCabe at Ward 13 for the Blood Draw weapon mod. These coins can be found by farming the teleporting Fae enemies throughout Losomn.
  • If you kill The Red Prince using the Assassin’s Dagger, found by completing the Fae Council quest in Losomn, you’ll earn the Crown of the Red Prince helmet.
  • Killing The Red Prince in any way will earn you the Forlorn Fragment, which you can exchange with McCabe at Ward 13 for the Firestorm weapon mod.

Regardless of how you want to tackle your encounter with The Red Prince, you’ll find he’s a bit of a bully. And if you choose to fight him, you can expect a fairly dangerous showdown. He will inflict Curse on you, which will limit how much of your HP you can heal, as well as the Burning status effect, which will slowly decrease your health. Wear any items you have that can reduce susceptibility to these effects to make the fight go a bit more smoothly.

The Red Prince in Remnant 2
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When you’re ready to face off against The Red Prince, there are a few attacks to keep an eye out for. For starters, this is going to be a fairly close-quarters encounter, as moving too far away from The Red Prince will cause him to teleport to your location and use a four-hit melee combo, which can be a little tricky to dodge due to the pauses he takes when swinging. Additionally, don’t be surprised if he summons copies of himself, so always prioritize these targets when able unless you want to find yourself receiving copious amounts of damage from every angle.

You’ll know when The Red Prince reaches his second phase, as he’ll ascend into the air and begin summoning a whirlwind of fire that will shrink in on you. During this part of the fight, quickly make your way to the center platform or you’ll find yourself engulfed in the flames which will almost certainly result in a death. Of course, when you arrive on the center platform, you’ll find your opponent is prepared to continue fighting you at melee range. Carefully dodge his attacks here until the fire whirlwind dissipates and you can put a little bit of room between you.

If you get him low and see that he’s attempting to call in another fire whirlwind, be sure to unleash everything you’ve got. Regardless, continue whittling away at The Red Prince’s health bar until he finally goes down, earning you the rewards listed above based on how you put an end to this evil foe.

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