How To Blur In Photoshop [3 Methods]

The article we have brought to you today is going to be awesome, as you know Photoshop is one of the best and oldest photo editing software available for PC. Today I will tell you how to blur in photoshop. There are a lot of features in photoshop but i know most of us would not even know about it if we can blur a picture in photoshop then how we can do it. Today I will tell you several ways to blur your picture in adobe. You can blur any one’s face in the picture or even the background of the picture. There are several features to do it. We will talk about some of them because we can not cover them all in one article.

Easy Ways To Blur In Photoshop

How To Blur In Photoshop

What Is Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is a software where you can edit your photos to the max. It has free features as well as premium features also. But you can use free features to blur your image in photoshop too. Every official editor uses this software. Even if you look at the shopkeepers who own a digital photo making shop, you can find this software on their computer as well. 

So that was a short intro about adobe photoshop and now I will tell you those steps and ways with the help of them you can blur your picture any second or anytime. But for that, you must have the latest version of photoshop because some of the steps will not work in older photoshops.

So if you are using an older version of photoshop then update it to the max first. And if you already have the latest version of photoshop then just read all of the ways and follow the steps I have mentioned in every method. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started.

How To Blur In Photoshop?

Here are some methods that you can use to blur anything in your image using photoshop. So now you do not have to ask anyone about how to blur in photoshop. As long as you meet with requirements and follow my steps, you will not face any kind of trouble or error. So let’s get started with our first method.

Method no.1- How To Blur In Photoshop Using Gaussian Blur?

            First of all, add your picture in the adobe using drag or drop or any other way. Then follow the steps I have mentioned below.

  1. Duplicate the layer by pressing ctrl + J together.
  2. New layer symbol is identified by the square box in the corner.
  3. The duplicate layer should appear as a layer no.1.
  4. Go to filter and then click on Blur, in the options.
    How To Blur In Photoshop
  5. In the blur section, you will find Gaussian blur, click on it. A window will appear.
  6. Set the pixel and radius as you want to blur it. Position the radius to 20.2 then click ok.
    How To Blur In Photoshop

You will notice that gaussian blur affects the background and the subject as well. By this method, your picture will get blurred from the place you want it to be blurred. So now let’s get started with our second method.

Method No.2- Blur image In Photoshop Using Layer Mask-

            You can use your layer’s mask to blur your image in photoshop. If you want to know how, just follow the following steps.

  1. First of all, create a mask layer no.1. To create a layer just scroll to the bottom and click on the layer panel.
  2. Select the feature of the rectangle and have a circle in the middle. That’s called a layer mask.
  3. Press Ctrl + backspace on the keyboard to fill the layer mask 1 to black.
  4. Press X from the keyboard to turn it in white.
  5. It will be all blurred and to remove the blur from specific positions just paint with white around the image where you want to remove the blur. You can view the difference by selecting or deselecting the layer 1
  6. After done editing, just delete the layer and your picture will be blurred.

This is another method for blurring an image in photoshop, and if you are not satisfied with this step also then scroll down there is one last method available which is kind of time taking but it worth it. So let’s get started.

Method No.3- Blurring An Image While Outlining With Pen-

          The pen tool is another best tool to blur your image using photoshop. It is an easy method to do it. If you want to know more about it. Read the following article below. And let’s go and tell you all about it.

  1. Press ‘P’ button from the keyboard your toolbar will appear and from the toolbar find the pen tool and select it. If you do not know how to recognize it then it will have a pen tip as a symbol.
    How To Blur In Photoshop
  2. Start outlining the image using the pen tool by dragging it slowly. While outlining the image keep your pen tool slightly inside the border of the image.
    How To Blur In Photoshop
  3. After outlining all images, duplicate the image layer using the layer section. Layer copy will appear.
  4. With the pen tool selected to position the mouse within the outlined.
  5. Select and make a selection. A window will appear.
  6. Select the feather radius to 0.5 pixels, after that click ok.
  7. After this, your image will get blurred in the selected areas.

This tool is used for blurring the background of the pictures. Because sometimes our clicked picture is so good that we want to keep it but the background ruins it sometimes. So use this tool for blurring your background.

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Final Words : In this article, I have told you all about how to blur in photoshop. No matter if you want to blur your background or the face. I have provided three different methods. All of them are working and easy to use methods and also provide you with detail step by step so you can easily understand the methods.

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