How to buy a house in Starfield

Even though you will be spending the majority of your time in Starfield sitting in your ship or exploring the various planets across the universe, you won’t have a true place to call your own unless you buy a house. Unlike your ship or the room you’re given in Constellation, getting your own home lets you decorate, rest, and really just have a place to make your own. Getting a house isn’t mandatory, nor is it even that easy to do. You’ll need more than just a pocket full of Credits, so here are the ways you can get yourself a house in Starfield.

Ways to get a house

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There are a couple of ways to get a house in Starfield, with the easiest to simply take the Dream Home trait when building your character. This will automatically give you a home after a quick quest, but it isn’t free. You will need to pay off a huge 125,000 Credit mortgage before it’s officially yours.

Most people will probably want to get a home on the main hub of New Atlantis, which requires you to become a UC citizen before you’re eligible to buy property. If you want to be a citizen, you will want to join the Vanguard and work for them to earn that status or have the United Colonies Native Background, then head to Aphelion Realty to buy a nice apartment in The Well for 30,000 Credits. Other houses can also be bought in other major cities like Neon for various amounts.

If you want the best home, which is also completely free, then simply work through the UC Vanguard questline to the end to be rewarded with a penthouse.

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