How To Change File Extension In Windows 10 [Full Guide]

Hello readers, do you want to know how to change file extension in windows 10 in easy steps? If yes then we have good news for you. We wrote this article for all of you and here we are going to share working way to change the file extension that will surely help you. Read this full article to know everything about it.

But changing file extensions sometimes may lead you in trouble. Because your system will try to read the new extension you have made for your file. And if it is not available then your file or project will get corrupted. So make a copy of that file first so nothing bad happens to your project because nobody wants to spend more than a few hours making another project.

Easy Way To Change File Extension in Windows 10

How To Change File Extension In Windows 10

Now it is time to tell you about what a file extension is and what it stands for. You need to know about it in detail before going for changing it in any other extension. If you knew all about it already then you will not face any problem changing it. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started with our topic.

What Is File Extension?

While saving any Word file or any notepad file or any pic, you would always see .doc or .txt or .jpg after the name of the file. That is called the extension of the file. Changing an extension of a file would change the whole application for the file that it has been opening in before. It will open in supported software of the recent extension you have chosen for it. For example, if you have a Word file and you change the extension of file .doc to .txt, then it will not open in MS Word then your system will open it in notepad. Just like this, if you change the extension of any file then it will not get opened in the software it was made into, but it will open in the chosen extension software. 

Changing an extension to some other extension may cause errors and may corrupt your file forever, for example, if you open your .doc file into a .jpg file then it will not get open because .jpg extension is for images or pictures not for Word files. That is why you need to know how many extensions exist and how they work so you can change them without having any kind of error in it.

Type Of Extensions?

I know many of us would only know about only a few main extensions like .doc .txt .jpg. But do you know there are a lot of extensions available that you might not even know about? 

So let’s tell you about all the extensions available but I will be defining only a few of them. So let’s get started.

  • .Doc/Docx- This extension is used for Ms. Word files and in older versions, you will see .doc extension and a new version of MS Word support XML so their extension is Docx.
  • .XLS/XLSX- It is for the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and the same as the above one is for an older version and another is for the latest version. If you are using an older version of Microsoft Excel then it will show .xls otherwise you will see a .xlsx file extension after the name of your file.
  • HTML- It is for creating online Web pages. You will see this extension in use. Even if you create a webpage in notepad still it will show you.HTML extension after the name of your notepad webpage file.
  • .PDF- The Portable Document Format is being used for adobe files. It has been used many times per day since the day it has come on the market. 

SO these were some of the extensions and these are not all extensions because of a shortage of articles. I can not explain every extension in one article. Now I will tell you How to change file extensions in Windows 10. So let’s not waste any more time and Let’s get started.

How To Change File Extension In Windows 10?

Now you know all about file extensions and for what they are being used for. Changing file extension directly from renaming a file can cause some troubles, so follow the steps I have mentioned below so you can change it without any kind of trouble. 

  • Open your file explorer and click on view in the menu section.

How To Change File Extension In Windows 10

  • After that check the file name extension option to be enabled in Windows 10 to change it. 

How To Change File Extension In Windows 10

(You can also go to the option placed on the upper right section and disable the hide extension in Windows 10. It will be checked so you can simply uncheck this option)

             How To Change File Extension In Windows 10

  • Find the file and right click on it and click on rename.

How To Change File Extension In Windows 10

  • A warning message or dialogue box will appear, it will ask you if you want to change it or not, just click on yes.

How To Change File Extension In Windows 10

That is it. Now you have successfully changed the extension of the file without any kind of trouble or error. These steps are for Windows 10 but you can use them for other windows too. It will not be the same as these steps but you can use these to change extensions. 

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Final Words : In this article, there is everything available about extensions that you would like to know about them. Like as, What are the extensions? Types of Extensions and the main topic How To Change File Extension In Windows 10

I have added step by step with pictures to make it easier for you to understand this. Every detail of extensions available in this article in easy and understandable language. If still there is something that I left to answer then you can simply comment below and I will get to you as soon as possible.

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