How to Change Taskbar Colour in Windows 10 [Full Guide]

Hello readers, are you searching for the working methods for How to change Taskbar colour in windows 10 over the internet? A taskbar is where you see all the shortcuts of your favorite programs. These are usually those applications that you use more frequently and want them to be easily accessible. Taskbar is an element of the operating system, which is located at the bottom of your computer screen.

On the right corner of the task bar, it holds the information of time and date and has other shortcuts and switches where you can easily control your volume, can disable Wi-Fi and do other related stuff. On the left corner of the taskbar, it houses a windows start icon and a search window where you can initiate search with just a click. Taskbar allows you to find and launch programs through the start menu. if you frequently use an application, you can pin it to your taskbar to launch it directly from the taskbar instead from the start menu.

The taskbar was first introduced in windows 95 and after that, it has been an integral part of all the windows that has been released so far. The features of the taskbar have improved over this period of time and Windows 10 now offer various customization and personalization options to the taskbar as well. In this article, you will learn various customizations that can be made on the taskbar as well as the procedure through which you can change the color of the taskbar according to your choice. You will also learn how you can add a theme color to your taskbar and can also have different colors for the taskbar and the start menu.



Taskbar features many spots for icons on it and expands them vertically when any of the icons is clicked on. A new slot is created on the taskbar when you launch a program. The icon remains on the taskbar showing that the program is currently open. The currently open programs show differently to the unopened programs on the taskbar. You can minimize a program and expand another upon will. If you are working on multiple programs, all of the running programs will have their icons placed on the taskbar and you can easily swipe between them.

It holds the basic notification and information of your computer such as time, date notification alerts and other controls so that you do not need to open a program to get any of this information. The notification area provides the real time information using the interactive icons about the state of the computer.

The design and layout of the taskbar has varied among different versions of the operating system but generally it is a strip located at the bottom of the computer screen. In windows 10, users can pin programs to the taskbar to launch them conveniently with a single click. With the development of the graphical user interfaces and advances in the operating systems, more customization has been added to the taskbar to enhance its usability and improve its visuals.

Best Way to Customize Taskbar

How to Change Taskbar Colour in Windows 10

Change The Position of Taskbar

Taskbar is usually lies at the bottom of the screen. However, you can change the position of your taskbar from bottom to other sides. For that, right click on the taskbar and open “Taskbar Settings”.


From the settings menu, you can change the position of the taskbar. You can place your taskbar anywhere on your computer’s screen. 

Customizing The Notification Area. 

You can also change what icons you need to see on your notification area. To do so, just click on the “notification area” option from the taskbar settings and select from the list the icons you want to see in your notification area. Alternatively, you can also choose all of your icons to appear on the notification area.


 Changing The Color Of the Taskbar.

Windows 10 offers a lot more customization options. You can change the color of the taskbar as well as that of the applications. Windows 10 has also introduced “Dark Mode” which once applied makes all the programs and the task bar go dark. This results in less stress on the eyes and suitable mode if you are working at night or in a darker environment.

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Usually, the taskbar’s color is adjusted according to the theme you have applied to your computer. The taskbar then chooses an accent color from the wallpaper and matches itself with that. However, if you want a specific color for your taskbar and different color for the apps to please your mood. This adds a colorful touch to your computer making it more appealing and great to look and use.

To do so, right click and go to the “Personalization” settings. Go to “Color” and here you will see different options regarding the color scheme. You can either let the computer choose a suitable color from among the accent colors of your wallpaper or you can also choose any other color for your taskbar as well as for the start menu and other applications. Here, choose a color of your choice and make sure you check the option of showing the color on “taskbar, start, and action center”. And that’s all. The color of your taskbar has changed. 


Conclusion : Changing the color of your taskbar is not a difficult thing and you can do so by following the above stated procedure. However, you can apply any color as your theme color by doing some more steps which will be covered in another thread.


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