How To Clear Cookies On Android [Step By Step]

Nowadays many people carry android phones because they come in their budget. So today I have brought you an article if you are also an Android user. In this article, I will tell you How To Clear Cookies on Android. Android does not track or store your cookies but your browsers do. Cookies can be good and also harmful on the other hand. 

Easy Way To Clear Cookies On Android

How To Clear Cookies On Android

Cookies are safe to store until they are being stored for fair use or to enhance their website quality for the future. But nowadays some third party websites store your cookies and sell them on the internet and cookies store your passwords and other vital information about you.

Those websites trick you into enabling cookies for them because without your permission they can not store any data. So you might have realized that whenever you visit some third party pirated movie downloading websites they ask you to accept cookies. And that cookie message keeps on irritating us until we click on yes. So that is how your cookies are being stored with your permission and you do not even know about it.

There is another trick to get cookies from you which is when you visit a game’s website and in the bottom, a message will arrive that click yes if you love the game, even if you press yes or even no in both methods they will get your cookies. Because those ads and buttons are designed with that kind of programming no matter what you press on that ad it will get your cookies.

But the good thing about this is, that you can delete those stored cookies out of your phone too. Because when a lot of cookies get stored in a browser the size of that browser gets increased automatically in GB’s. If you do not believe me go check your chrome browser it must be sitting on 600MB or 700MB of storage space. In this condition.

you do not have to delete your browser, you just have to delete its cookies and caches. And that is what we are going to teach you in this article but before that, you need to know more about the cookies. After that we will talk about how to clear cookies on Android. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started.

Are Cookies Dangerous?

As I said above, cookies save your browsing history in them. For example when you visit a website where you have to log in and you save your information on that website so you do not have to fill your details every time you visit the website. And the website logs you in automatically, that means the website has your cookies and email and password too. To be honest, cookies can be dangerous.

It is like giving access to the hackers to hack into your account and steal all the money you have got. Because all they have to do is collect your stored cookies and then decrypt the cookies which have your password and email or other vital information. They have to decrypt it first because cookies are encrypted at the first stage only when the cookies belong to the official websites but third party website’s cookies are easy to crack.

So just clear all the cookies your browser has stored in it by just simply following my method. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s take you toward the method. 

How To Clear Cookies On Android?

By following the steps I have mentioned below. You will successfully clear your cookies and the caches that your browser has stored in it. This step is only for Android and it will not work on IOS. and I have performed these steps on the Chrome browser and other browsers steps will be the same. So let’s get started.

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser and click on the three dots on the right upper corner.
  2. A list will arrive, scroll down and click on settings.How To Clear Cookies On Android
  3. Scroll down to the end and click on privacy.How To Clear Cookies On Android
  4. There you will find a clear browsing data option.How To Clear Cookies On Android
  5. Simply click on it and then click on clear data.How To Clear Cookies On Android
  6. This will delete all of your data, cache and cookies also.How To Clear Cookies On Android

By following these steps there will be no data and cookies left in your Android. But if you want to just delete your cookies and want to save your search data then click on advance you will find it in the same settings where you have got the button to clear data. When you click on advanced there you can untick data and cache and keep the cookies tick and click on clear data. That will not touch your other data but it will delete your cookies that any website has saved.

Well, there is another way to clear cookies on your Android also but I do not recommend that way I am telling you for your safety. If you have any clearing ram or ram cleaner application in your android you should delete them right now. Because they do not clear your ram or data they just show that they have cleared a lot of space in your phone when space remains the same. And some of them track your data and search history too and sell it on the internet for some money. So do not go for any application to clean your cookies or data. Always use the method I have explained above. The steps I have mentioned above will work on any browser or in any Android phone.

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Final Words: In this article, we have talked about your internet safety because cookies are not so good for you. So I have explained a method for Android users which is How to clear cookies on Android. And I have provided pictures with every step so you can easily understand it. If still you have something to ask about your privacy on the internet you can write it below and we will reply to you shortly.


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