How To Create A Folder In Google Docs [Easy Way]

Hello readers, today we are going to share How to Add Folder in Google Docs in this article. If you are a Google Docs user and want to know about this thing then you can read this entire article. In this article, you will get to know about Add Folder in Google Docs . Let’s start reading.

Easy Way To Add Folder in Google Docs

How To Create A Folder In Google Docs

Today we have brought an article for those who write articles and blogs and also for those who use Google Docs for any other kind of projects. In this article, I will tell you how to create a folder in Google Docs. I will tell you in easy steps and with pictures so you do not get confused between steps.

As you know if we work on Google Docs, then there is nothing we can do to organize our articles and projects. Like as, if we have more than one client’s projects then it will get mixed up when we finish writing. And once it gets mixed then we can not do anything and we have to spend another hour to organize it again. So in this article, I will easily tell you how you can keep your Google Docs organized.

Even if you got hundreds of projects but still it will not get mixed up. Well organized Google Docs shouts about our personality and also how much we are serious about our work. And Google Docs looks very messy with a lot of projects on one display and we do not know which one is completed or which one is unfinished. And also sometimes we have to delete our old work to make our Google Docs look Organized and in that case, we will lose all our old work. By creating folders, you will not lose any of your Old work and also it will look more organized.

That happens a lot. When I get a lot of projects to work on. I get confused about which one article belongs to which client. So I found a solution to this problem, which is creating Folders. And I will share with you today that How To create a folder in Google Docs. But before that, if you are a writer then you need to know what Google Docs is and not only for writers but it has many more features for other writers too. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started.

More Features Of Google Docs-

I will waste your time by telling you a basic intro of Google Docs, because if you are here reading this article, then you must know about this and also know about the basic features of Google Docs, such as Writing articles and resumes, ETC. but there are many other features that you do not know about that you can do on Google Docs.

On the upper right corner, you will see written templates. This is the popular feature of Google Docs. in templates, you can create Resumes, and not only a single type of resumes but you will get many options of resumes, such as, swiss and many more. And not only this, if you want to write a normal letter or the business letter then also you can use Google Docs. and if you want to write about a Recipe then you can do it too on the Google Docs. and best of all Google Docs is free and you can use all these templates for free. There are so many templates that you can use in the Google Docs.

That was all about Google Docs, and now we will talk about how you can organize your content on the Google docs by creating folders. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started.

How To Create A Folder In Google Docs?

I have told you all about Google docs and also why it is so good to create folders in Google Docs. It is a small process, you can finish it in a few minutes and these few minutes will save your hours in the future when you have to find some old work to send to your client again. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started. Follow the following steps to create a folder in Google Docs.

  1. First of all, log into your Google and account and then go to Google Docs.
  2. Open Google Docs and a home menu will appear and double click on any article or the project on the home menu.
  3. When your project gets open. On the top of the article and right next to the star you will see an option or tab with a folder logo. In some cases, there will be no folder tab, but there will be a drive tab and click on that and the process is the same.

How To Create A Folder In Google Docs

  1. A window will appear and at the bottom of this window, you will see a folder sign with Plus sign, click on that.

How To Create A Folder In Google Docs

  1. A window will appear and there just type the name of your folder. Click on the right mark right next to it.

How To Create A Folder In Google Docs

  1. Now your folder is ready and you can move your stuff in it.

You can create a folder by using these steps and also if you want to move your projects in the folder and you do not know how to do it. Then let me help you. To move your stuff in that folder you have to click on the project you want to move and then click on that folder sign again and then you will find your folder’s name and just simply click on that and your every selected project will get transferred in your folder.

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And next time whenever you need it, it will be ten times easier for you to find your project and organize your Google Docs. and After this, you will never need to ask anyone that How to create a folder in Google Drive.

Final Words : In this article, I have told you all about Google Docs and also provided you steps if you want to know, How to create a folder in Google Docs. and also if you still have any question regarding this topic, just comment below and I will get to you as soon as possible with the answer.

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