How to customize the control center icons on PS5

Your control center on the PlayStation 5 is there to give you easy and quick access to your most-used functions. With a simple tap of the PlayStation button, a row of icons appears at the bottom of your screen to let you do things such as return to your home screen, view notifications, adjust sound, and other handy options. However, there isn’t enough space for every option on this bar, and you may prefer to have them in a different order. Thankfully there’s a simple and quick way to customize the icons in your control center on PS5.

A black screen where you can customize your icons on ps5.


How to customize your control center icons

All you need to customize your icons is your PS5 and the most current firmware update.

Step 1: Log in to your PSN account.

Step 2: From any screen, tap the PlayStation button to bring up your control center.

Step 3: Press the Options button on your controller.

Step 4: Choose which icon you want to move, press X, and place it in the new location.

Step 5: If you want to take an icon off the center entirely, move it to the bottom row.

Step 6: When your control center is set up the way you like, press the Options button one last time to set them and return to where you left off.

The control center can let you access the home screen, switcher, notifications, game base, music, sound, mic, accessories, profile, and power by default. Options hidden by default include accessibility, voice, and broadcast.

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