How to Delete as Administrator [Full Guide]

Today we are going to talk about the most common error that you may face during deleting some folders. The error will not let you delete that specific folder and it will ask you to bring administrator permission to delete the folder. If you are reading this then you are also facing this error at the moment. And you are wandering around many articles to look for the fix but you have not to get it yet. 

Now you can say that finally, You have reached the right place at the right time. I will tell you the fix of How To Delete As Administrator error and I will also tell you the cause of this error to occur. So next time you do not repeat the mistakes and do not get this error any time soon. But even if you get How To Delete As Administrator error again you will not be getting worried because you would know how to fix it in a second. Before heading on our main point let’s talk about what is this error. Let’s get started.

What Is ‘Delete As Administrator’ Error?

(If you know already what is this error just skip to last you will find the fix for this error there) In this error, you will not be able to delete a specific folder with normal permissions. Nobody gives administrator permissions to every folder. So in this error do whatever but folder will not get deleted until you try it with administrator permission. That does not happen all the time and not to everyone but if it is happening to you. You need to understand first that why this error occurs then I will tell you, How you can delete the specific folder with administrator’s permission. Which is not that hard to understand it is a very easy fix. Let’s get going and let me tell you why this error occurs. This error does not happen with all the folders it shows up on only some of the special or the half deleted folders.

Easy Ways to Delete As Administrator

How to Delete as Administrator

Why ‘Delete As Administrator’ Error Occurs?

You came here for a fix of this error. But if you do not know what is the reason behind that error and which of your mistake is bringing this error back to back in your system until then Fix is not kind of solution. So, first of all, you need to know what is the reason behind it. 

Whenever we delete the software from our computer we use control panel to delete that software and sometimes we forget to click on delete the software with its data. so some of the files of that software remain in our system and later on when we try to delete the folder where the files or data of the deleted software’s is located that ask us to bring administrator permission to delete this remaining data out of your computer. This is the first reason.

The second reason is when we are trying to delete some files that are special or that should stay to keep your window running. For example, sometimes we do not delete old window and we just overwrite new window in the system and when you try to delete old window’s folders then it asks for Administrator permission because for the system they are some special files that can not be deleted behalf of normal user permission.

So these are two reasons for this error is keep on coming on your system. Next time while deleting delete the full software with its data and Now let’s go for the fix of this error. So let’s get started without wasting any more time.

How To Delete As Administrator?

Now you know what is this error and why this shows up on some folders. Now only one thing left to do and that is the fix of this error. I have mentioned some of the steps below that will kill this error from your computer and it will not show up again if you follow my steps carefully. So let’s get started and let me tell you How To Delete As Administrator.

  Step No.1- Just go to the folder you want to delete or the folder which is showing this error.

 Step No.2- Right-click on the folder and click properties.

 Step No.3- Click the security tab then advance button.

How To Delete As Adminstrator


 Step No.4- Click on change located at the front of the owner and then click the advance button.

How To Delete As Adminstrator


 Step No.5- In the select user, click on advance.

 Step No.6- Click find now and select the user you want to give ownership to. 

How To Delete As Adminstrator
Step No.7- Then right-click on the folder and again click on the properties.

 Step No.8- Click on the security tab and then advance. under the permission, click add and then select principal to add your account.

How To Delete As Adminstrator
 Step No.9- Click on advance and then find now to list all the accounts.

 Step No.10- Find the Account and click ok.

If by any chance this does not work or you find it very difficult to do. Then  I have another solution for you. Let’s get going with that.

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Second Solution For Administrator Error.

This is the easiest fix you will ever find. you can do this in a few seconds.

Step No.1- Click on the search box and type CMD and open it. (Window 7 users click on start and then type CMD in Run Box)

How To Delete As Adminstrator

Step No.2- Type this command in the cmd: net user administrator <password> and then click enter. in the <password> box there should be the password you want to set for the administrator account.

How To Delete As Adminstrator

Step No.3- Restart your system.

Now you will not ask again that How To Delete As Administrator. because of the fixes, I have mentioned if one does not work try another. 

Final Words : In this, I have told you How To Delete As Administrator. I have given two easiest solutions for that with pictures that show step by step. if still, you want to ask something about this just comment below and we will get to you as soon as possible.

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