How To Factory Reset a PS4 [Full Guide]

Hello readers, today you are going to know How To Factory Reset a PS4 in this article. We are going to share almost everything about this topic. So, if you want to know about this then without wasting your time, read this entire article from beginning to end.

Easy Ways To Factory Reset PS4

How To Factory Reset a PS4

Today we are going to talk about the console which is already so famous in every country and if you are a gamer then you must have a PS4. So in this article, I will tell you how to factory reset PS4. well to factory reset your PS4 there are two methods to do it.

And in this article, we are going to talk about both of them. PS4 stands for Playstation 4 and it is made to play only games with best quality graphics and it started from PS1 and now PS5 has launched in many countries and it comes with a strong processing system and with best graphics ever. Sometimes for some reasons you could have to factory reset your PS4 and I will tell you the reasons and this will teach you how and when to factory reset your PS4 and also we will talk about the consequences you will face after factory resetting your PS4 so let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started.

When To Factory Reset PS4?

Several reasons and errors can make your factory reset your PS4 and we are going to talk about all of them here. If sometimes your games start to get stuck and you start to get low FPS at that time you should factory reset your PS4 and sometimes your PS4 starts and reboot on its own and keep repeating the process. Also, you should factory reset your PS4. As you know PS5 has launched so there will be some errors and drawbacks in the PS4 and if you are facing any error in the PS4 and you do not know how to fix it then the best option is to factory reset your PS4. then there are higher chances that your PS4 will start working fine again.

Now let’s talk about the consequences you are going to face after resetting your PS4 and what you should do to avoid them before factory resetting your PS4.

Consequences Of Factory Resetting PS4 & How To Avoid Consequences?

Factory resetting your PS4 will fix your every error and problems you were facing in the PS4 but the only one consequence that you will face is that you will lose your every game saved in it and all the saved game data. And everything in your PS4 stored will get wiped away. But you do not have to face this problem either so I have something for you with that you will not lose any of your data.

Before the factory resetting your PS4 make sure you have taken the backup of all the data available in your PS4. I would recommend you to back up all data and upload it to the cloud and then your data will be safe even after factory resetting. You can get the backup and you are all ready to go. But if it was the game which was causing errors in your PS4 then with backup your Errors will also come back. But in very rare chances.

How To Factory Reset a PS4?

If you want to factory reset your PS4 just follow the steps I have mentioned below and you will successfully get your PS4 factory reset.

  1. First of all, turn your PS4 and Login Into your PS4 account.
  2. Go to the settings and deactivate your PS4 as primary. If it is already deactivated turn it back to active and then deactivate it again.

How To Factory Reset a PS4

  1. Sign-in back into your PS4 using your User account. And it is different from your PS4 account.
  2. Find and select the initialization option in the setting menu.

How To Factory Reset a PS4

  1. Choose full-on initialization.

How To Factory Reset a PS4

  1. This will wipe your saved game and download the game from your hard drive.

After this, your PS4 will get a factory reset but take a note in your mind that. This process will take a couple of hours to finish the work to wait for it to get done. Now let’s talk about another way to factory reset your PS4.

Factory Reset PS4 In Safe Mode

This is another way to factory reset your PS4. this will factory reset your PS4 while in Safe mode and it will take the same time and same consequences just the method is different. Just follow my steps to factory reset your PS4 in safe mode.

  1. Turn your PS4 totally off, do not put it on rest, we want it to get fully shut.
  2. Push and hold your power button until you hear 2 beep sounds. And it will take you in safe mode. You will see black in the background.

How To Factory Reset a PS4

  1. There will be some options. Select your reset method. Restore the default setting or reset it completely.
  2. If you are getting errors of just software then you should do a normal restore. And if it is not about software then reset it completely.

After resetting it completely you must have downloaded the firm software of the PS4 to make it run again. And both of the ways take so much time to reset your PS4. Sometimes it depends on how much data you have on your hard drive. If your PS4 is not filled then it will take some time to reset your PS4.

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After successfully resetting, restore all the data by the files you have uploaded on cloud and for this step, I believe you need a strong internet connection. Or else it’s going to take a lot of hours to get your data back and all the saved games to your inventory.

Final Words: In this article, I have told you about PS4 and How To Factory Reset a PS4. I have described two methods to do it and both of them are working on any Playstation. I have provided pictures along with every step so you do not get confused between steps. And if still, you have something on your mind related to this topic that I have not answered in this article just comment it below and we will get to you as soon as possible.

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