How to favorite weapons in Starfield

You’ll spend a significant amount of your time in Starfield exploring its vast universe of planets and finding new and exciting flora, fauna, and treasures. More often than you’d think, though, you’ll have to engage in some old-fashioned shootouts using the game’s wide variety of weaponry. This means you’ll want to be able to swap back -and-forth between your favorite weapons on the fly so that you’re always using the best gun for the situation in which you’ve found yourself. However, Starfield doesn’t offer a traditional one-button weapon-swapping option, so you’ll need to add your preferred weapons to your favorites bar. Here’s how to do that.

How to favorite weapons in Starfield

Your favorites bar can be pulled up at any time by selecting Q on PC or pressing any direction on the D-Pad on Xbox. You can assign a variety of items here, including weapons – and you’re going to want to do so. Without adding your preferred weapons to this bar, you’ll have to completely pause the game and access the inventory menu each time you want to swap weapons, which can be quite a cumbersome task.

To add a weapon to your favorites bar, head to your inventory and open up your weapons list, then select the weapon you want to add and select the Favorite button/key listed at the bottom right of this screen. From here, you can choose which section of your favorites bar you’d like to place the weapon. Place it in the spot you feel will be easiest for you, then you’ll be able to swap to that weapon at any time during battle. Of course, feel free to also add other useful items to the favorites bar!

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