How To Forget A Network On Mac [Full Guide]

Hello readers, today we are going to share How to Forget A Network On Mac in this article. If you are a Mac user and want to know about this thing then you can read this entire article. In this article, you will get to know about forget network on mac. Let’s start reading.

Easy Way To Forget Network On Mac

How To Forget A Network On Mac

We already have written a lot of articles on windows and smartphones and other stuff. So today we have a very common article for Mac users and if you just bought the Mac recently then this article is going to help you a lot. Because of the problem we are going to solve, this article is very common for Mac users. So in this article, I will tell you how to forget a network on Mac. if you keep your Mac at work or somewhere else then your Mac must have stored a lot of networks in the history and it connects them automatically to the Mac when they are available.

So sometimes that could be so irritating while connecting to our wifi and suddenly your Mac gets connected with another network, which is very slow and you keep on switching networking but it keeps changing automatically. So this article is going to help you a lot. Because like windows it does not have simple and easy steps to forget or remove any network from the saved ones. So if you are facing this problem too then here we are with the fix and we will provide you with the steps with the help of these steps you will be able to forget any network you want to. But before that fix, you should know why your Mac keeps on saving networks in the list. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started.

Why Mac Saves Network For Auto Connect?

Before the fix of any problem, you should know the reason behind the problem. And before fixing this problem you need to know why your Mac does this. This problem will not occur until you have saved that network’s password into your Mac. Once you fill the password and the network gets connected, it will automatically save your network to the Mac. And whenever you get in the signal of that network it will automatically get connected again. It will only get connected automatically if you are not connected with another network. If you are connected with another network then it will remind you that a saved network is available. If you would like to connect or not, then it will be your choice to connect it or not.

And sometimes we just want to save our work and home wifi only, then we would like to delete and forget every other network on the Mac and if you want to know how to forget a network on Mac, then let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started with it.

How To Forget A Network On Mac?

If you are fed up using every method to forget a method on your Mac and it is not working on your Mac and you are exhausted now. Do not worry you are in the right place now and this method will work for you 100% and I will use words as easy as I could so that you can get to understand the method easily. To forget any network or to forget multiple networks all you have to do is follow the steps I have described following. So let’s get started.

  1. First of all click on the WIfi section, placed on the top right corner, in the menu bar.
    How To Forget A Network On Mac
  2. After that click on ‘Open Network Preferences’.
  3. Some options will arrive, click on ‘Advanced’.
  4. Find the network that you would like to forget and click on that if you want to delete multiple networks then hold down the command key and click on every network that you would like to remove from the network section.
  5. You will see the minus section, click on that.
  6. Then click on apply and you are all set.

So this is how you can forget any network on your Mac. this method is working 100% and also you can try this method on any version of Mac and no stoppage is going to stop you from forgetting a network. It will not get connected until you have the password of the network. Even if it is your hotspot still it will get connected automatically to your network. Just follow the steps and I bet you will not face any kind of problem doing this. So that was all about it, let’s get started with one last point.

How To Find a Fast Network?

As you have a lot of wifi networks and all of them are saved networks and you want to know which one should I connect to. Because sometimes someone else’s network is much faster than ours and we want to check out which one is best for us. So I will tell you how you can find the best and fastest network for your Mac. just try this method, that I explained below.

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There is a lot of software that you can try to check out the available network’s strength and find out which one is best and ready to use and which network will give us fast speed and which network will just drop down. So not all of them are free to use but you can still find out much software that is free and will check the accurate speed of your network and that software will tell you which network you should connect to. And also that software will tell you speed without even being connected to the network. That was all for today.

Final Words : So that was all in the article. In this article, I have given you some common information about Mac-like you will get to read How to forget a network on Mac. that was not our last article about Mac and we will keep on adding solutions for your problems and also if you have something left in your mind that I could not answer in this article just comment below and I will get to you as soon as possible.


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