How to get a chocobo in Final Fantasy 16

If there’s one thing you can count on in a Final Fantasy game, it’s that you’re going to see a Chocobo at some point. Unfortunately, not every game in the long-running JRPG franchise allows you to ride these large and majestic birds – but Final Fantasy 16 sure does. Square Enix’s newest entry in the series allows you to use a Chocobo to traverse large, open segments of its fantastical world, making for a much faster (and cooler) way of getting around. If you’d like to get a Chocobo for yourself, you’re in luck, as we’ve got everything you need to know about scoring your own mount below.

How to get a Chocobo in Final Fantasy 16

Getting a Chocobo requires you to advance pretty far into the main scenario of Final Fantasy 16 – approximately halfway through the game, as a matter of fact. Like many upgrades in the game, you’ll need to complete a sidequest to unlock the mount. When you find yourself working on The Gathering Storm quest, you’ll eventually end up at Martha’s Rest in Central Rosaria. While here, you’ll be able to clearly spot an NPC named Rowan near the front entrance of the town, so speak to him to begin The White Winged Wonder quest.

Finishing up The White Winged Wonder shouldn’t take very long – you simply have to wipe out some bandits to rescue a Chocobo. When you’ve finished up the quest, you’ll now have access to your own Chocobo named Ambrosia, which you can summon at any time in open areas by clicking R3. Once you’re riding Ambrosia, you can sprint using R2 or even take some simple swings in combat while atop your mount – though we don’t really recommend bothering with the latter against anything but the easiest of foes.

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