How to get Soul Coins in Baldur’s Gate 3

One of the more rare items you can find in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the mysterious Soul Coins. If you’re lucky enough to happen upon one, knowing what it even does is one thing, but trying to find more will most likely leave you stumped. While they are quite valuable to sell, they have a far more important use and are limited in number. These rare treasures are tied to a specific companion you can get later on in the game, so finding each one is critical to making the most of their abilities. Being so small, many Soul Coins are easily missed, so here’s how to get them all in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What do Soul Coins do?

Karlach holding a soul coin in surprise.
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If you were lucky enough to find a Soul Coin on your own, even reading the description wouldn’t give you much clue as to what it is or how you’re supposed to use it. All it says is “Strange, incomprehensible whispers emanate from the coin, pervading your mind with rage and despair. These coins can power Infernal Engines.” Not very helpful, save for that final extra line.

Lore-wise, these coins are the currency of Avernus, which is Baldur’s Gate 3‘s version of hell. Since you won’t be doing much shopping in Avernus, the real utility will be for Karlach and the Infernal Engine she has for a heart. While her personal quest requires you to find Infernal Iron to repair it, it can also take Soul Coins for a different effect.

If you give Karlach the coins and have her use one, it will power up her Infernal Engine and put her in a state called Infernal Fury. While active, anytime she is in Rage or her HP is below 25% she will deal an additional 1-4 fire damage with all melee attacks.

How to get Soul Coins

Karlach holding a soul coin.
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Note: These are all the Soul Coins we have been able to find. It is possible more will be discovered, in which case we will update our guide.

There are three Soul Coins to loot inside the Dank Crypt inside the Overgrown Ruins, which you can access early on in Act 1. The first you can find is in the chamber with the row of coffins to the south.  The one you’re looking for is the one on the right while facing the western wall. We suggest disarming the traps in this room first, and then looting the sarcophagus and grabbing the coin.

The second is nearby to the west in the room with the statue and littered with Entombed Acolyte corpses. Crack open the coffin here for your second coin.

The last coin in the Dank Crypt is in our good friend Withers’ sarcophagus. We have an entire guide on how to find and get Withers to respec your character, so just make sure to peak in his resting place before you go to get the coin.

Over in the Emerald Grove, go east and up a small hill to find Nadira using a telescope. As soon as you get close, a fight will break out when a Bugbear Assassin attacks her. Either save her and pass a skill check to get the coin, or let her die and take it from her corpse. Whichever you prefer.

Once you have Karlach in your party, go to Risen Road and into the building where Anders is hiding out. You’ll need to kill this group to loot the crates on the first floor to find this coin.

Now in Act 2, go into the Moonrise Towers with Karlach in your party. Speak with Lann Tarv and listen to all three of his stories to get one coin each. Don’t worry if your game has forced you to attack the Tower, because you can always just find his body and loot the coins.

Once you get to Act 3, travel over to the Lower City and go into Peartree’s house. First, there’s one coin you can snag easily by just checking the mailbox. Another two can be found if you head down into the basement, which you will naturally go to as part of the “Murder Target: Franc” quest. In the basement, you will need to pass a perception check to find a key under the floorboards you can bring down the secret hatch and use to open a chest with two more coins.

The last bundle of Soul Coins is in the House of Hope, where a total of five can be found. These are all locked away inside Raphael’s safe inside his bedroom, which requires you to steal the invitation from the archives to enter. Make sure you sneak once inside to avoid being spotted by Haarlep inside and go around to the left side and disarm the trap on the painting. Once safe, press the button, reveal the safe, and open it up to get all five Soul Coins.

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