How to Get Sussur Bloom in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 is almost as much of a loot-based game as it is a CRPG. While roaming around with your party, or your friends playing co-op, you will be bombarded with things to collect. There will be valuable things like new weapons, armor, and scrolls, but even more random things like plants and general debris. Eventually, your eyes might start to glaze over these random, seemingly useless items, but there are some, in particular, you shouldn’t overlook. The Sussur Blooms are far from useless, but also quite rare. These have a very important use, so follow along to learn where you can find this special plant in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Where to find Sussur Bloom

A glowing tree with sussur blooms below it.
Larian Studios

The Sussur Bloom is native to the dangerous Underdark area located beneath the Blighted Village. There are multiple ways into this zone, however the most convenient for collecting this bloom is to go in via the Zhentarim Hideout or Defiled Temple. Locate the massive glowing tree outside of the Arcane Tower(you literally can’t miss it) and walk around its base to scoop up two Sussur Blooms. Make sure you hold left alt to highlight all interactables in the area to easily spot these plants in the dark.

Sussur Blooms are needed to power the generator that powers the Arcane Tower’s elevator, however also have the ability to suppress magic, including anyone holding the bloom. That means if you’re a class that uses magic, you will want to have another party member hold the plant so you can still use your spells. Offensively, you can toss this anti-magic flora at magic-using enemies to prevent them from using their spells in combat.

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