How to join the Vanguard in Starfield

Very early on in Starfield, you will hear about and encounter a number of different factions, from the Freestar Collective to Constellation and more. It can be a little overwhelming to keep them all straight, but it won’t take long before you realize who are the “good” guys and who are … not. The Vanguard have set up operations in the United Colonies to keep the people safe. If you fancy yourself a peacekeeper and want to do your part to protect free space, plus get some good perks, here is how to join the Vanguard in Starfield.

Tula asking the player to join the Vanguard.

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How to join the Vanguard

After the opening and your landing on New Atlantis, you can make a detour straight to the Vanguards to join if you so wish.

Step 1: Take the transit to the MAST district.

Step 2: Go up the ramp and immediately turn around to see the MAST building.

Step 3: Go inside and speak to Tuala to be offered a chance at joining the Vanguard.

Step 4: Accept and do your first mission to be hired on and officially join the faction.

Joining the Vanguard will give you access to new missions, a decent way to earn credits, and most importantly, the opportunity to become a citizen of the United Colonies. Only citizens are allowed to purchase houses on New Atlantis, so becoming one is required if you want a place to call your own.

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