How to Make a Graph In Google Sheets [Full Guide]

If you have been using Google Sheets or you are new to it, you can learn how to make graphs in google sheet in this article.No matter who you are, you have come across graphs many times in your lives. From school level to professional work, everyone uses graphs for better illustrations and understandings.

A graph is a diagram that shows the relationships between different variable quantities, generally of two quantities, which are represented along different axes. The Spreadsheets give advantage on presenting complex data in an easy way Generally, people make graphs on computers when they are working on Microsoft office or any other program. However, if you are using Google Sheets, you can use Graphs for better illustration of your work. 

You can also make graphs in the google sheets as well as it works similar to Microsoft Excel. In case you do not have your computer with you or the computer you do not have Microsoft Office installed on it, you can use Google Sheets to complete any of your assignments on the go. 

Easy Ways To Make Graph in Google Sheets

How to Make a Graph In Google Sheets

How to Open Google Sheets:

This is basic; the foremost thing is to open Google sheets to start working on the worksheet you want to prepare by searching “Google Sheets” in your web browser. Make sure your browser is logged in to a google account to use the google sheets. A google account is required to open Google sheets


Once you have entered your data in the spreadsheet and want it to be presented graphically, you need to click on “insert”, select “Chart” and open the chart editor tool. 

Enter Your Data in Google Sheets:


Enter your data in the spreadsheet. If you want to draw a graph between any two cells, you need to select both of them by holding the “shift” button. Once you have selected your data in the cells, go to the “Insert” option and click on “insert” and select “Chart” to open the chart editor tool. 

Make sure you have entered valid values in both of the columns and you draw chart between them along X and Y-axis as shown in the below picture. Google sheets will automatically select the most suitable chart kind that suits your data. However, you can always change the graph type from the chart editor tool.


Changing The Graph Type On Google Sheets

Now since you have your data represented by a chart, you can change the graph style to suit your requirement. There are various chart types available in the chart editor menu to choose from. You can simply select the type of chart you want and Google Sheets will convert your data into that graph.


Change The Font Style, Color and Chart Colors

You can customize your graph and can change font style, apply different colors to your chart from the Chart editor. You can also change the overall style of your graph and its contents according to your own liking from the “Chart Style” menu. To do so, go to the customize menu from the chart tool kit and select

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 You can give different colors to your chart borders, and can change background color as well from the same menu. However, the option can vary according to the kind of graph you have selected. To do so, click on the customize menu and select “Chart Style”. From the chart style menu, you can select different colors to your chart’s background and can change chart border color. You can also change the graph’s layout from this menu as well.


Customize Chart and Axes Titles.


From this menu, you can give title to your graph. You can give titles to horizontal as well as vertical axes. You can also give the main title to your graph and can select subtitles as well. From this menu, you can also change the font style and its color, which you use for title and subtitles.

Customize Graph Series

A colorful graph look more appealing and elaborative. You can add colors to your graph line from this customization menu. All you have to do is to click on the “series” option from the Chart tool kit’s customization option and give color to your graph. You can also choose various other representation options such as if you are using a line graph, you can choose the type of line. Either you can choose the line to be a simple one or you can select the line to be dotted with different variations. You should be aware that each graph type would have different customization options. You can also adjust the thickness of the line graph as per your requirement.

Similarly, you can browse different customization options from the Chart Tool kit and try different variations for your graph to make it easier to comprehend the data. You can add grid lines, and legends on the graphs as well through simple steps. You can customize your graph the way you want. You can add chart styles and stylize horizontal and vertical axes. You can also add additional axes into your graph to make it easily comprehensible.

Final Words : If you are familiar with Microsoft Excel, then making graphs on the google spreadsheet is not a big task. Google spreadsheet provides numerous functions as well as gives you the freedom to save your work in your profile without the risk of losing your data. Making graphs out of the data you have in your Google sheets is a simple process and on top of that, you can also customize your graph to make it more appealing and comprehensive.


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