How To Pair Roku Remote [Easy Way]

Hello readers, today you are going to know how to pair roku remote  in this article. We are going to share almost everything about this topic. So, if you want to know about this then without wasting your time, read this entire article from beginning to end.

Easy Way to Pair Roku Remote

How To Pair Roku Remote

So this is our another article about Roku because in the last article we could not discuss properly and this point was left to discuss so here it is. In this article, I will provide you with another information about Roku and also you will get to know how to pair a Roku Remote to the Roku player if it is not getting attached automatically. So I will tell you some methods to attach it to the Roku player.

Roku is still a best and growing brand nowadays. A lot of people love to use Roku. because it matches all the requirements that we would love to have on our TV. Before that, I would like to tell you about Roku players. And also there are two types of the Roku remote available in the market and I will tell you how to connect both Roku remote to the Roku players. So Let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started.

What Is Roku Player?

If you do not know about Roku, do not worry I will give you full information about this. It is a set-top box or you can say it is a player which turns your normal TV into a Smart TV. From being Smart TV, I mean you will be able to stream Youtube, Netflix, and amazon prime on your Tv using this Roku Player.

Simply you will be able to surf the internet on your TV without any problem. As you know Smart TV’s are so expensive to buy that is why if you want a smart TV at low prices then you can go for a Roku player. It will do the same for you. And the best thing about Roku players is that you will get direct Netflix, Amazon Prime buttons on the Roku remote so you can directly access your content from the remote in one click. 

How To Pair Roku Remote

It will save you a lot of time. And also you can search for a lot of items on the TV and also watching movies on the TV is much better than watching a movie on the Mobile device. Because on Tv you will watch Movies in HD and you are not going to get HD quality on Low-End devices. So that is Roku player and this is how it works. So now I will tell you how to pair Roku Remote. As I said there are two types of Roku remotes available so we will start from the first. So let’s get started.

How To Pair Roku IR Remote?

Two types of remotes of Roku available in the market and first is IR Remote and other is Enhanced remote. First of all, we will talk about the IR remote and how to pair it. Just follow the following steps to pair your IR Remote to Roku player.

  1. Plug your Roku player on the TV and the power outlet.
  2. Insert the batteries in the Roku Remote, first of all, you need to know what kind of batteries your remote supports.
  3. Push any button on the remote once Player gets started. This will automatically connect your Roku remote with your Roku player and you can start enjoying your content.

By following just these three steps and you will get your Roku remotes connected to your Roku player. Sometimes Roku remotes support AAA batteries or Sometimes it could be AA so you need to know first which batteries are supported by Roku Player. Now let’s talk about Another Roku remote and how to pair Roku remote.

How To Pair Roku Enhanced Remote?

In this method, I will tell you how you can connect your enhanced Roku remote with your player. To pair your Roku remote to the player just follow the steps I have mentioned below and you will successfully get your remote paired.

  1. Insert batteries into your Roku remote.
  2. Connect the Roku player with the TV and turn it on.
  3. Place your remote near to the TV and it will automatically detect it and get connected.

This is how you can connect your enhanced Roku remote to your Tv and if after that your remote is not being connected then check the batteries if they are alive or dead and if still, it does not work after net batteries then you can try resetting your remote and I will tell you in the next point that how you can connect it manually to the Roku player.

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How To Manually Connect The Roku Remote?

If any of the above two methods did not work then you can try this method to connect your Roku remote to the Roku player manually. First of all, you have to reset the remote first. To reset the Roku remote all you have to do is, remove the batteries out and connect the Roku player to the Tv and then insert the batteries back and press the reset button for up to 5 or 7 seconds and your remote will get reset and it will get connected.

How To Pair Roku Remote

The reset button is hard to find but you can find it under the batteries section when you remove the top of the batteries there will be a small button that is called reset button and this will work for sure and it will connect your Roku remote to the Roku player within 10 seconds. Before trying all these methods make sure your Roku player is working good and also check the batteries and if any of these is not working then download Roku remote in your smartphone and it will work the same in your Mobile.

How To Pair Roku Remote

Final Words : In this article, I have told you all about Roku and Roku remote. And also I have provided information to teach you how to pair Roku remote. Provide every step with pictures so you can easily understand the steps. If still you have something to ask just comment below and we will reply to you as soon as possible. 


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