How To Port Forward Minecraft Server [100% Working]

Today I am back with another best and most demanding article. In this article, I will tell you how to port forward Minecraft ServerMinecraft is a popular game nowadays it is a multiplayer and single-player, both types of game. And there are a lot of servers. And today in this article you will get to know what Minecraft servers are and why Port forwarding is beneficial for us and how to port forward the Minecraft server in a few steps.

If you are here you must be a big fan of Minecraft so I will not waste your time giving an intro to Minecraft because that will be stupid, every one of us must know about this game. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started with our first point.

Easy Ways To Port Forward on Minecraft

How To Port Forward Minecraft Server


What Are Minecraft Servers?

As we all know what are the servers because we have played so many online multiplayer games and we have selected Asia or Europe or America’s server. But the servers I am talking about are not proper the same as them and not also properly different from them. Both servers are the same because each and every one of them came from a region or country and they are different because in Minecraft Servers we get to see many modes to play the game. But in other servers, there are no new modes.

In Minecraft servers, you will see Survival mode and many more modes. And if you do not know let me tell you joining any server in Minecraft is free of cost but if you are hosting a server in Minecraft then you have to pay for it. And the amount of fee is between from 15$ to 20$. And there are more than thousands of servers available per country in Minecraft. You can join any of them as per the modes you would like to play. And if you are facing some network problem then you can perform port forward Minecraft server. I will tell you today how to do it. 

So that was all a short intro about Minecraft servers and you know every single thing that you should know about Minecraft Servers. So let’s begin with our next point.

Why Port Forwarding Is Beneficial?

As we all know if you want to play Minecraft, then you need to have a stable and high-speed internet connection. Even many of us manage to play Minecraft on their mobile data too. 

Sometimes we play Minecraft and get to know that the internet is slow and we are having ping issues. Even if we have a high-speed internet we are still facing this problem, to enjoy high speed and faster and better gaming performance all you have to do is forward incoming ports of your router.

Forwarding ports are not that tough or difficult if you follow my steps carefully, then you will not face any kind of error.

Things You Must Have To Port Forward Minecraft Server-

Not every user can port forward the Minecraft server. Before learning “How to port forward Minecraft Server” we need to know which things we must do to perform this action.

That is not a long list, there are only two things that you must have to perform port forward Minecraft server. 

  • A Router
  • A Computer

You must have the above two things if you want to perform this action. Without a router, it is impossible to port forward. So if you are using Mobile data or Hotspot then this article is not for you.

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How To Port Forward Minecraft Server?

Now let’s talk about your most awaited question just follow the steps I have mentioned below to port forward.

Preparing No.1- Look For Your Router & Computer’s IP Address-

To find out your computer and router’s IP Address just follow the following steps.

  • Press win+l key, it will take you to settings, now click on Network and Internet section.
  • Then click on View your network properties option to view your router’s IP and Your system’s IP address. The default gateway is for your Router’s IP and IPv4 Tells about your computer’s IP.
    How To Port Forward Minecraft Server

Preparing No.2- Required UDP And TCP Ports-

Now you have to ensure all the UDP and TCP ports that you will need to port forward the Minecraft server. According to Minecraft here are the TCP and UDP Ports below according to your system. That was preparing that you need to have for that. Now let’s talk about how to port forward the Minecraft server. To do that follow the following steps.

How to port forward minecraft server

Step No.1- Log-in To Your Router-

  • Open your browser, go to Google and put your Router’s IP address.
  • It will take you to the login page, just fill your username and password and get logged in.

Step No.2- Get Static IP Address For Your System-

It is important to get a static IP address because it will prevent your connection from getting a disconnect.

  • Log in to your router page.
  • Scroll down you will see all the connected devices, check your computer’s IP, it will be in IPv4.
  • Click on the lock icon to lock it.
  • Click on the setting and then on the reserve option.
  • After that just simply click on the Save button.

Step No.3- Port Forwarding Minecraft Server-

Now follow the steps to forward a port in the Minecraft server to enhance your gameplay.

  • Go to the homepage of your router, click on forward and then on add new.
  • A window will pop up and enter any name for this, type its port number 25565, and static IP address to the inbound text box.

How To Port Forward Minecraft Server

  • Enter port number again in the outbound text box.
  • Then select the protocol, you can choose between TCP and UDP.
  • Click on save, your router will restart.

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Final Words: In this article, we have talked about “How to port forward Minecraft Server“. I have explained it step by step with some of the pictures, which will make it easy for you to understand all of this.

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