How to remove Watermark In Mircosoft Word [Full Guide]

We see watermarks all the time. Ever noticed? We are here to Help how to remove watermark in microsoft word We see water marks on the legal documents, official letters, on currency notes, on bank checks and notepads, and on the images on the internet among various other things. It is sometimes barely visible or you have to put your document to light to see what there is underneath the text you are seeing.

You also have often come across documents which have a logo, or text embedded in them. Such a text or logo is called the water mark. A water mark is intentionally put in a document to identify the ownership of the document or if the document is in a developing phase and also for many other reasons to communicate a message to the readers about the authenticity and legality of the document one is reading.

It also is used to discourage the theft and proclaims the ownership of the document. If you are legally using a document which has a watermark in it and want it to be removed, you can do so.  In this article, you will learn how you can remove the watermark from Microsoft Word document. But before going into the procedure of removing the watermark from Microsoft Word, lets just learn more about MS Word and know why it is a popular typing program.

What Is Microsoft Word is Used For?

Microsoft Word is a document composing program licensed by Microsoft. It is a major productivity program that allows users to type their text, create documents and save them in their computers. Microsoft Word was first released in 1983 with another name. Since its first release, Microsoft has added many features and updates over the years. Every updated version came with an abundance of features, and had better technology.

Microsoft Word is included in Microsoft Office application suite along with all other applications. Microsoft Word has become synonymous with document processing due to the liberty of action and editing choices it provides to the users. The possibilities are immense with Microsoft Word, which makes it a widely popular program for typing and documentation. 

With Microsoft Word you can browse an assortment of preconfigured styles and structures, which gives a simple method to organize long documents with only a click. You can likewise embed pictures and recordings from your PC and the web, draw shapes, and make a wide range of graphs.

In case you are composing a book or making a leaflet, you can utilize the highlights in Microsoft Word to set edges and tabs, embed page breaks, make sections, and even arrange the line spacings. There are also features that let you make a chapter-by-chapter guide with just a few clicks. You can embed references as well, just as headers and footers. There are choices to make book indices, subtitles, a table of figures, and even cross-references. These possibilities with Microsoft Word are the reason for its immense popularity and makes it a must have program for every computer. 

Easy Way to Remove Watermark in MS Word

How to remove Watermark In Mircosoft Word

Lets now show you the easy steps by which you can remove watermark from MS Word. 

STEP 1: Open MS Word Document

You need to open the MS word document from which you want to remove the watermark. 


STEP 2: 

If you are using Microsoft Word 2007 and newer versions , you need to find the “Design” tab at the top and you will see the watermark option among many others. You need to click on the “watermark” to make its options open. From the options, select “Remove Watermark”.


As you choose “remove Watermark” it will get erased from the document.



Removing The Watermark From Older Versions Of MS Word.

If you are using an older version of Microsoft Word, all you require is to go to the “page layout” tab and from there click on “Page Background” tab. From here, you will see the “watermark” option. Select it by clicking on it and then select “Remove Watermark”, and you’re all done. Your document will no longer show the watermark in it.

Conclusion : Removing watermark from the Microsoft Word document is an easy procedure that has been explained in detail. All you need to follow the easy steps and you will get rid of the waternark from the documents. You can also add a watermark in your document by following the same procedure if you want to show the ownership of your document or whatever you have written needs to be protected from illegal use..

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However, if you are still unable to remove watermark from your word document by following the above stated procedure, that means the watermark is not embedded in the text but it has been put in the header or footer of the document which makes it difficult to remove. But you can remove that too, which we will explain in another article. 


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